Sunday, March 22, 2015

The girls' IKEA dresser reveal!

As I've complained mentioned, we picked up dressers for all three kids last month from Ikea when we were over on the west side of the state. After a month of staining, scuffing, staining, scuffing, poly'ing, scuffing...okay you get the point. Well they're DONE! 

After scouring pinterest for inspiration and ideas I decided to go the two tone route with the two dressers for the girls, adding a little accent by painting the pulls gold.
We used:

 Minwax gel stain, Cherry Wood (2 coats)
Varathane Polyurathane, Satin (3 coats)

{Tops and Legs}
Rust-oleum, Heirloom White (3 coats)
Varathane Polyurathane, Satin (3 coats)

Rust-oleum Specialty Metallic, Gold
Varathane Polyurathane (Spray can), Satin (2 coats)

In hindsight we should have primed the parts we wanted to paint, the top and legs. It would have saved us from having to do so many coats of spray paint and may have gotten a nicer finish.

Overall I am IN LOVE with these dressers! Well worth the time and effort we put in to them, and obviously can't beat the IKEA price tag. I'm hoping these dressers last the girls over the years and grow with them as their room decor changes and matures.

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