Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pushing 36 Weeks

Still 35 weeks for another 2 days, but this weeks update got away from me! So here it is, late and chalked full of information that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat!

I'm having a contraction as I type this. In fact I've had lots of contractions this week, I'll usually get 6-8 really good ones in a row then bubkiss/nada/nothing they just stop. 

I've had a few dreams about my water breaking/being in labor, and even Cody had a dream about having to deliver little Link at home. Our subconscious is working overtime.

I'll have my 36 week checkup Tuesday, then I see the doc every week. Yuck. Between s i t t i n g & w a i t i n g and being weighed like a heifer going to market it's not something this ole gal looks forward to. But now that I think about it, the more a cow weighs the more it's worth, so reaaaallly I'm just upping my value...right?!

I think I can say we're ready for him! We have everything we need, which is really just a pack of diapers and some clothes.

The weather has been fee-nom-in-alllll! We have been enjoying lots of outside time and soaking up the Vitamin D. 

Cody has been taking me for walks down by the river, partly to see if we can get some contractions to stick and partly as a super lame attempt to burn off some of those fudge brownies I've been inhaling. At least I've kicked my daily jack n the box habit.

In all seriousness. I'm up about 34lbs this preg, which is decent in my eyes. Could be worse, could be better. But I know it's all temporary, I'm just looking forward to being able to touch my toes again.

And with that...I'm out...

...Like a belly button

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sprinkler Play

It was 86 degrees today so we busted out the sprinkler! 

Oh Summer, we've missed you.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Comparison Pics

Because it's been too dang long since I showcased our lovely brown recliner::

The original comparison pic, not much has changed....

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Afternoon Visit with Some of our Favorites!

I'm sure you all know by now how much my Nana & Papa mean to me, so it makes my heart extra happy when I get to see my girls playing and laughing with them. 

I have so many happy childhood memories that flood back into my mind when I think about the Summers I spent with my Nana and Papa. It's so amazing to imagine my girls getting to have some of the same memories that I cherish to this day. 


Friday, April 24, 2015

Our Homemade Pizza Experience

We have pizza a lot around here, once a week (at least) - but I thought it would be fun to make our own. We usually buy frozen, occasionally do a take and bake and when 'I can't even' we order for delivery.

Reagan and I made the dough from scratch, she loved using the yeast and watching the dough grow bigger and bigger.

I let Reagan top it while CJ un-topped it and snacked. Reagan's favorite toppings of course, sausage, olives and bell peppers.

It was a ton of fun! Worth the mess. Reagan loves to be in the kitchen - and spends hours everyday making special recipes for us in her play kitchen. I want to try to pick a kid friendly meal at least once a week so she can help out.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

34 Weeks

We're winding down towards the end here Lincoln, so crazy how fast this pregnancy has flown by. 

I am beyond excited to meet you, I want to kiss that squishy little face and smush those chubby cheeks of yours. I can't wait to see what you look like, judging by your last ultrasound I think you may look a lot like Carter when she was born. 

This week has been somewhat eventful in our little bubble. Saturday night you gave me a run for my money with some false labor, luckily for me (sarcasm, heavy sarcasm) Cody was at work so I was left home alone to decide for myself when/if I should go to the hospital...I let my denial take over and stuck it out at home. Thankfully after about 45 minutes of contractions every 2-3 minutes they mellowed back out to every 15 minutes and much less painful. 
The whole time I was all "this isn't happening, no way can this be happening" with a little bit of "OMG I'm going to have this baby in my bath tub, I'm going to be one of those women". It was scary, I think mainly because HELLO, I'm only 34 weeks!! But also because with the girls my water broke without having had contractions prior, so it was a no brain'er that they were coming, counting contractions brings a whole new level of anxiety. 

I had my 34 week checkup today, and Doctor says that once I hit 35 weeks (this Sunday) the hospital wont try and stop my labor IF I go into labor early. Obviously every day that Lincoln stays put is best for him, but it is crazy how many contractions I've been having - I will say though, since our incident Saturday I've had very few contractions, still lots of braxton hicks, but little true contractions. So I don't know what that's about. 

My blood platelets have of course dropped since my glucose test in February, no surprise there, we'll see where they end up.

I started my hospital bag, I've already got the essentials (snacks) soooo I'm set. And today I made some super important WalMart purchases, granny panties, a new pj set and nursing bras. Watch out labor & delivery HERE I COME!

So how am I feeling otherwise? 

A little heartburn
VERY tired, all day everyday
Very sore from hip to hip
I love feeling him kick and wiggle around
Hiccups are a bonus, love feeling them

Till next time.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Life Lately

We've been able to spend a lot of quality time with Cody lately, which I need to bank in this ole memory of mine for the times when he is working on call and all sorts of overtime.

Here's what we've been up to, interpreted by my cell phone camera...

Daddy dressed the girls on this particular day, and he did a phenomenal job, I might add.


Actually I took this photo because I was so in awe of Cody's love for me. He hustled into a gas station for sustenance, not only did he fix me the puuuurfect hot dog, his poor lonely dry hot dog got nothing but a spat of ketchup because they were out of everything - He dosed mine up with the remainder of their condiments and sacrificed his. That's true love people.

Reagan has been in a painting craze, it's a fun activity she gets to do when CJ is sleeping. Reagan is always the first to suggest that CJ needs a nap, smart girl. 

Reagan Grace got signed up for preschool!! She starts September 8th and is OH SO EXCITED! It will be good for her in so many ways, I'm looking forward to seeing her blossom in a peer setting. I'm also looking forward to having a little more structure and routine to our day, usually when I have my crazy mommy moments it's because of a lack of both those.

And lastly, the girl who loves a good soak... She was feeling a bit under the weather recently, but finally seems to be bouncing back. A toddler cold while cutting teeth is no fun for any of us.

Happy Friday Everyone!! (Even though it's our Tuesday) We're looking forward to beautiful weather and nesting projects!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

33 Weeks & Fetal Growth Ultrasound

This morning I woke up pumped to get a peak inside and check out what Lincoln has been up to in the last 13 weeks. 

Growing. That is what he's been up to. He was double the average size at 20 weeks, and he is double the size he should be now. So at least he's consistent. 

Keeping in mind that ultrasounds are not exact, they are an estimate based on various measurements the tech takes of different parts of his body, Lincoln is measuring about 37 weeks 5 days "cooked" & weighs about 7lbs 6oz. Annnnd he should just now be packing on the weight, up to half a pound a week while he's in there. So he should be topping out around 10 lbs when he makes his arrival, IF big fat IF he doesn't decide to come too terribly early.

So we'll see what the Doctor has to say at my next checkup, which isn't until the 21st. I have a feeling he'll be okay with the results. And by that I mean he wont be dropping the 'elective c-section' chat on me.

The ultrasound tech was also able to tell me that Lincoln is head down and low low low. Which my bladder and I already knew. 

Lincoln is sporting a full head of hair! I can't wait to see it! 

In bumpdate news:

Lots of contractions this week. Both the kind that is more just a whole belly squeeze accompanied with complete energy draining from my arms and legs & the contractions that grow steadily in intensity and make me take a few breaths. They are most "uncomfortable" in my lower belly from hip to hip. 

 Popping! This week I've started hearing my belly make little popping or cracking noises. The first time it happened I was sure it was my water breaking and refused to stand up for a solid hour in an attempt to keep him in. Since then it has happened a handful of other times. It never happened with the girls, Google tells me it's harmless but un-explainable.

I made the mistake of devouring Jack in the Box's new Blazin chicken sandwich - and that's all I want all day err day. 

Lincoln is still a mover and shaker, without a doubt the thing I will miss most about pregnancy. Reagan loves to put her hand on my belly and feel him kick around. She gives him a ''knock-knock, anybody hoooome??" It's so funny.

We've been working on a few touches for Link's room, my nesting itch has turned to a full on rash and it's getting nasty.

Ultrasound pics are always creepy looking, especially the 3D kind, so lets end on those. Sound good?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

32 Weeks

32 Glorious Weeks
Lincoln and I had a doctors apt this morning, I've managed to only gain 3 lbs in the last two months, so GO ME! But that will be coming to an end shortly here as we get into the mid 30s.
I had to do a blood draw to check my blood platelet count, as I mentioned before - totally anticipating to not be able to get an epidural this time around.
I also was given an apt to have another ultrasound to see what Mr Linky is up to in there. I'm measuring about 6 weeks ahead of the game, so we need to see if Link is just a ginormous baby or if I'm carrying too much amniotic fluid. My ultrasound is on Saturday, so we'll see how that goes.
I've been having lots of Braxton hicks contractions, and at night I get really bad ligament pain in my hips if I sleep on one side for too long.
I've had dabbles of heartburn the last two or so weeks. Still not as bad as with the girls, but it's starting to rear it's ugly head.
I'm getting really excited to meet this little boy, having a boy after two girls is a little twilight zone-ish. It's a crazy concept to rap my brain around.
I've gotten a little nesty around here and sometimes sneak into his closet to look at all the little outfits hanging up. I may have even teared up a little when I found newborn size diapers in the diaper bag (shows how often I haul that thing around), I just can't believe a little tiny butt will fit into those!
We (Shawn and Cody) spent the weekend laying white baseboards and installing white doors around the house, and Lincoln's room is fully updated (minus a ceiling fan) so now I have the itch to get his nursery in order. These little guys are at the top of my list of things to buy, because what little boy doesn't need stuffed animal wall mounts in his room?! His nursery is definitely taking on a non-camo camping/hunting theme.
That's really all I have to report for now... 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

Happy Easter Everyone!
Our day started out as most Easters do...with chocolate bunnies and hard boiled eggs.

Breakfasts of champions!
Reagan practiced her egg hunting skills, while teaching us that floral on floral can be done stylishly if given the proper consideration.

We cleaned up, and headed to the farm for a very last minute Easter dinner with the Gray gang.
Carter made fast friends with Buddy (Baa-Baa), and Reagan even tolerated him from afar.

After we ate dinner Reag egg searched, only declaring once that her basket was too heavy and dumping them back out. 

She paused for a quick 'plummet to her doom' break...

Reagan thought that since she's been motoring around on her little pink tractor lately that we would toss her the keys and let her take the four wheeler for a spin...wrong sister.

So she hopped on the rocking horse instead and attempted to ride off into the sunset.

The cool kids table, I was told to move along.

I have a feeling CJ will grow up and ask why I always dressed her like a boy.

Because you were ornery that's why.

Carter's 300 millionth failed attempt to ride Buddy.

Powder Puff Girl

Reagan and Gentri

Cousin photo op 

Kissin Cousins

Our sweet Aunt Tonya
And of course crazy Nana....
Hope you all had a WONDERFUL Easter and were able to spend time with your loved ones.
Here's to Spring being Sprung!