Saturday, April 11, 2015

33 Weeks & Fetal Growth Ultrasound

This morning I woke up pumped to get a peak inside and check out what Lincoln has been up to in the last 13 weeks. 

Growing. That is what he's been up to. He was double the average size at 20 weeks, and he is double the size he should be now. So at least he's consistent. 

Keeping in mind that ultrasounds are not exact, they are an estimate based on various measurements the tech takes of different parts of his body, Lincoln is measuring about 37 weeks 5 days "cooked" & weighs about 7lbs 6oz. Annnnd he should just now be packing on the weight, up to half a pound a week while he's in there. So he should be topping out around 10 lbs when he makes his arrival, IF big fat IF he doesn't decide to come too terribly early.

So we'll see what the Doctor has to say at my next checkup, which isn't until the 21st. I have a feeling he'll be okay with the results. And by that I mean he wont be dropping the 'elective c-section' chat on me.

The ultrasound tech was also able to tell me that Lincoln is head down and low low low. Which my bladder and I already knew. 

Lincoln is sporting a full head of hair! I can't wait to see it! 

In bumpdate news:

Lots of contractions this week. Both the kind that is more just a whole belly squeeze accompanied with complete energy draining from my arms and legs & the contractions that grow steadily in intensity and make me take a few breaths. They are most "uncomfortable" in my lower belly from hip to hip. 

 Popping! This week I've started hearing my belly make little popping or cracking noises. The first time it happened I was sure it was my water breaking and refused to stand up for a solid hour in an attempt to keep him in. Since then it has happened a handful of other times. It never happened with the girls, Google tells me it's harmless but un-explainable.

I made the mistake of devouring Jack in the Box's new Blazin chicken sandwich - and that's all I want all day err day. 

Lincoln is still a mover and shaker, without a doubt the thing I will miss most about pregnancy. Reagan loves to put her hand on my belly and feel him kick around. She gives him a ''knock-knock, anybody hoooome??" It's so funny.

We've been working on a few touches for Link's room, my nesting itch has turned to a full on rash and it's getting nasty.

Ultrasound pics are always creepy looking, especially the 3D kind, so lets end on those. Sound good?

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