Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

Happy Easter Everyone!
Our day started out as most Easters do...with chocolate bunnies and hard boiled eggs.

Breakfasts of champions!
Reagan practiced her egg hunting skills, while teaching us that floral on floral can be done stylishly if given the proper consideration.

We cleaned up, and headed to the farm for a very last minute Easter dinner with the Gray gang.
Carter made fast friends with Buddy (Baa-Baa), and Reagan even tolerated him from afar.

After we ate dinner Reag egg searched, only declaring once that her basket was too heavy and dumping them back out. 

She paused for a quick 'plummet to her doom' break...

Reagan thought that since she's been motoring around on her little pink tractor lately that we would toss her the keys and let her take the four wheeler for a spin...wrong sister.

So she hopped on the rocking horse instead and attempted to ride off into the sunset.

The cool kids table, I was told to move along.

I have a feeling CJ will grow up and ask why I always dressed her like a boy.

Because you were ornery that's why.

Carter's 300 millionth failed attempt to ride Buddy.

Powder Puff Girl

Reagan and Gentri

Cousin photo op 

Kissin Cousins

Our sweet Aunt Tonya
And of course crazy Nana....
Hope you all had a WONDERFUL Easter and were able to spend time with your loved ones.
Here's to Spring being Sprung! 

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