Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It's the little things link-up // Porch Swingin

Today I got the opportunity to co-host the ''It's the little things'' link-up with Jess at Sadie Sky Boutique. Every week Mommas come together, from around the internets to share the 'little things' in their lives to help support, inspire and empower other Mommas. Feel free to check out Jess's blog and link-up with her on Wednesdays with your "It's the little things" posts!

Porch Swing'n

Today I wanted to chat about our new porch swing and how much I have been LOVING our porch swing'n conversations. Almost daily Reagan, I & Cody (if he's home) have been sneaking out during Carter's nap time to relax and swing. (Sorry CJ, we go without you because you're still much more interested in eating rocks.)

Reagan and I are pretty proud of this little swing, seeing as the two of us girls put it together ourselves! Reagan loves to help me with projects, and she is such a good little helper. 

 It gives us a chance to get some fresh air in our lungs and catch up with the happenings. Reagan is never at a loss for words so it seems to work out quite nicely. She loves telling me stories, planning projects, and adding important things to my grocery lists- like whip cream, and chocolate pie. 

If it's a bit breezy out we just grab a blankie and cuddle, it really is the perfect escape from the walls of the house. Especially since we got a bad case of cabin fever this Winter, we are ready to get O U T    
 Taking the time to connect and relax with Reagan one on one has been such a treat, I'm looking forward to continuing our little tradition after Lincoln arrives and I REALLY need some R&R.

Thanks for having me today Jess!

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