Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pushing 36 Weeks

Still 35 weeks for another 2 days, but this weeks update got away from me! So here it is, late and chalked full of information that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat!

I'm having a contraction as I type this. In fact I've had lots of contractions this week, I'll usually get 6-8 really good ones in a row then bubkiss/nada/nothing they just stop. 

I've had a few dreams about my water breaking/being in labor, and even Cody had a dream about having to deliver little Link at home. Our subconscious is working overtime.

I'll have my 36 week checkup Tuesday, then I see the doc every week. Yuck. Between s i t t i n g & w a i t i n g and being weighed like a heifer going to market it's not something this ole gal looks forward to. But now that I think about it, the more a cow weighs the more it's worth, so reaaaallly I'm just upping my value...right?!

I think I can say we're ready for him! We have everything we need, which is really just a pack of diapers and some clothes.

The weather has been fee-nom-in-alllll! We have been enjoying lots of outside time and soaking up the Vitamin D. 

Cody has been taking me for walks down by the river, partly to see if we can get some contractions to stick and partly as a super lame attempt to burn off some of those fudge brownies I've been inhaling. At least I've kicked my daily jack n the box habit.

In all seriousness. I'm up about 34lbs this preg, which is decent in my eyes. Could be worse, could be better. But I know it's all temporary, I'm just looking forward to being able to touch my toes again.

And with that...I'm out...

...Like a belly button


  1. I swear you JUST told me you were pregnant... where did the time go?! You're rocking it baby chicken! Miss you!

    1. Right?! It feels like yesterday that I found out!! Miss You!