Thursday, May 28, 2015

two weeks with three kids under three years

So, we've been at it for two whole weeks. Basically professional kid raisers now. nbd.

There hasn't been a single day when we've all bathed, but all in all I'd say Cody and I have done a pretty good job at keeping everyone alive. Cody has spent the majority of the two weeks playing two man defense, while I've been playing sudden death overtime at all hours of the night.

Lincoln has brought so much love into our lives already. The girls, although searching for a little more attention from time to time, have adjusted very well to having their little brother around.

The last few evenings Lincoln has spent a lot more time awake and alert, I love to watch his little eyes search the room until they lock in on something and then study it. Speaking of his eyes, I was so sure they would turn brown - but they seem to be getting lighter around the pupil. Could we have another grey eyed baby? Maybe blue?! We'll see.

He hasn't lost any of his hair (yet). Lots of long brown locks.

Lincoln nurses every two hours during the day and takes longer stretches (4-5hrs) at night. I'm usually up twice a night with him. I've been lucky and Cody lets me sleep in most mornings, which is heavenly, and really helps me be a nicer mommy throughout the day.

We had our first family outing! I wanted a family selfie so badly, but nary a mirror or reflective surface was to be found. We went to Costco for what else but diapers and wipes, oh and milk. Welcome to the family of five club. I wore Link in my wrap and was only asked by one elderly woman how old he was, then she quickly noted that in her day they wouldn't dare take babies out so young. These times they are a changin lady. The trip was beautifully uneventful, however Lincoln did decide to cry 90% of the way home. 

And Me you ask?

Well I'm doing good! I've been struggling with lots of headaches, hormones? stress? Probably. But otherwise I've recovered really well and quickly. Which makes it easier to tend to everyone else.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The three little presidents

Since Lincoln is a week old today I thought it was fitting to finally get all three of our offspring together to snap some pictures. 

The girls have been phenomenal with Lincoln, they are clearly smitten with their baby brother. I have a feeling that he will be very well taken care of by these two mama hens.

So, let us begin the adventure of capturing three clean. smiling, children with their hair mostly in place and minimal staining on their clothes. Sounds like a task I'm up to for the next 18+ years.

The first time Reagan got to hold Lincoln 100% by herself. She was pretty pleased with the situation.

Carter wanted to do anything BUT sit and take pictures. 

Reagan will randomly throughout the day walk up to Link, let out a deep sigh and say "I just love him". 

I'd say the photo shoot was a success. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Carter J Update

Carter J

One year + three months

Plays: Loves to play with blocks, play kitchen, in the playhouse/in the rocks, draws with the chalk on the patio, ride in the tractor and wagon.

Loves: To play outside, to eat, to run up and down the hall screaming, to steal things from Reagan, to kiss Lincoln, to watch out the front window, taking baths, dancing, sneaking into mom & dad's room and going through their stuff, taking naps.

Hates: Not getting what she wants, which is usually - to go in the bathroom, to go in to mom & dad's room, when we close the fridge door when she's trying to grab all the condiments, when we make her come inside, getting her diaper changed, anytime Reagan has something she wants.

Says: Good Morning, hungry, please, thank you, cheese, baabbbyyy, Lincoln, sissy, water, milk, puppy, hi, spicy, NO, stop, outside, more, all done, potty, sprinkler, soft, mine, nose/ear/mouth/eye (and can point them out on her face), hair, pretty...

I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but this girl is a talker!

Wears: 2T

Eats: Everything. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lincoln Meets Papa! And Other Updates

We've been a busy bunch over here lately. Bet you can't guess why?! 

Luckily for me, Cody had vacation time available and has been here keeping us all sane and fed. 

We have all had such a good time snuggling and getting to know our boy, the girls are head over heels in love with him, giving him lots of kisses and 'soft touches'.

Lincoln has really taken well to nursing and eats every 2-3 hours around the clock. I'm really hoping we can foster a long and fruitful nursing relationship. Esp since we're still recovering from the financial black hole of formula from Carter.

He barely ever makes a squeak, still very much in his sleepy newborn stage and I won't complain about that for a second! 

It's really amazing how the dynamic of our house has changed, I didn't expect it to take full effect so quickly but juggling the three is quite the circus act - just us wait till Link becomes mobile. 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

On Sunday we got a special visit from our Papa! 

& Today Link had his first checkup! He got a clean bill of health measuring in at 
8lbs 12oz and 21in long.

I can't wait to see what this little guy has in store for us! 

I'll keep you posted...

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hospital Photoshoot

I quickly nicknamed Lincoln "Gus-Gus", something about that little tiny chin hiding in those chubby cheeks made me think of that little chunk of a mouse on Cinderella. But you have to say it likeeeee "uhhhh Gus Gus" just how they say it in the movie. 

Anyway, baby Link got a little mama-ratzi photoshoot while we were not so patiently waiting to be discharged. Here are some of my favorites!

Welcome Lincoln Gray Austin!! {Birth Story}

Well. He's HERE!!

It all started Wednesday May 13th.
I started having weak and irregular contractions about 11am. I spent the day drinking raspberry leaf tea, walking the neighborhood and bouncing on the yoga ball. Around 8pm I headed to the birthing center to be monitored, after spending all day counting contractions of all levels - being excited - getting disappointed when they fizzled - and then super anxious - I decided to let the experts tell me what was up from down. I was soon hooked up to machines and given an exam, I was at 4.5-5 cm, which was awesome - because I had only been 3 cm the day before at my weekly doctor's checkup. The nurse quickly informed me that I wasn't going home that night. 

Cue major anxiety.

I quickly sent a text to Cody "CALL THE MOM'S, THEY ARE ADMITTING ME".

Thankfully we had the mind to arrange to have our friends Heath and Leah come to the house to be with the girls while Cody's Mom made her two hour trek. 

Cody soon joined me at the hospital, where I forced him to take awkward photos kissing me whilst I held a barf bag.

I was checked again at 9:30p and was a "full" 5cm, I had been on the monitors awhile now so the nurse let me off so I could utilize the birthing ball, & walk the halls. So I bounced and bounced until they had to put me back on the monitors. Then after being monitored for the designated time, Cody and I walked the halls - back and forth, back and forth. *Note to others, bring decent shoes.* At this point it was well after midnight when they put me back in bed to be monitored, we tried to get some rest.

Mom Arrived about 1am, we chatted for a bit and then decided to "rest". Does anyone ever really get to sleep when they are in the hospital? 

At 3:15a I was 6-7cm.

At 3:45a the nurse came in and said that she had just talked to the on call doctor and he wanted to know if I wanted him to "break my water and have a baby or just let it play out a bit longer"? I jumped on the ''break my water'' bandwagon without a second thought.

What I did have second thoughts about was going natural. I'm sure you're all aware of my low blood platelet saga, well I was just above the cutoff for an epidural (my count was 108 - cutoff was 100), and honestly I was a little disappointed that an epidural was an option. It's so easy to stay the natural birth course when you have no other option. But when the magical E word comes into play it gets harder and harder to resist. Knowing how my labor with Carter was, I anticipated that as soon as my water broke things were going to get very intense very quickly. So we called in the anesthesiologist. 

At 4:30a my epidural was placed. 

At 4:45a I was 7-8cm and the Doctor broke my water. However, opened the flood gates could be said to better describe the situation. No joke, I have witnesses, two gallons AT LEAST of fluid came out. While I drained, the doctor had a nurse help position Lincoln by pushing on my stomach, he had his head out of line with my cervix which was why labor wasn't as fast as anticipated, it was also why my water hadn't broken on it's own despite it being bulging. 

At 6am I was still 7-8cm and they started pitocen to help get my contractions on track.

At 7am I was 9cm and they started setting up shop. The on call doctor gave me the option to wait it out until my regular doctor was in to deliver, but I was SO hungry all I could think about was a nice room temperature mediocre hospital cafeteria breakfast - so I opted to push this baby out with a stranger.

The nurses moved about the room getting things ready and by 7:30a the doctor was back, checked me and said it was go time - by this point I was a "plus two" which I didn't know was even an option, I guess that's the beauty of the epidural. 

With three pushes Mr. Lincoln Gray Austin made his way into the world at 7:39am weighing in at 8lbs 15oz and 20.5in long.

And we couldn't be more in love.

Welcome to the world Handsome!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Ultrasound Update & Some Fun False Labor

Word of the day: false labor.

I guess that's two words. You remember my first bout with "practice labor", well now I can add two more experiences to my pregnancy story with Lincoln. Wednesday night, and Thursday night, why does it always happen at night?

Wednesday it started about 8pm, actually both nights it started about 8pm, but Wednesday, Wednesday was a marathon. I had contractions ranging from 3-20 minutes apart. But they were not getting more intense as they came, they stayed about the same. I went to bed about 9pm, was up at 11pm and stood for a while swaying back and forth hoping to get labor going. They stayed the same and I crawled my tired butt back in bed after about 30min. I was up again at 2am, still having contractions, but I could tell they were dying, less intense than before. At 5:30am the girls got up and I had a handful of contractions Thursday morning before they completely stopped. Later that morning I started spotting a bit, of course called the birthing center and they said it's completely normal as your cervix dilates. We all went for a walk, lapping the neighborhood a few times, and I did a round of prenatal Pilates in an attempt to get some contractions going. Still nothing. I had my ultrasound at noon, Lincoln is measuring large, shocker right? Depending on what the ultrasound tech was measuring he was between 39w6days and 41w4days and clocking in at 10lbs 4oz. Like a cow through a cat door, as Cody would say. Seriously, ask my pelvis if it was surprised. Also good to note he is head down and low, so my nightmares of him being breech are pretty unlikely to come true. 

The best we could do for pictures, his little face is so smushed in there right now, but you can see those chubby little cheeks and big pouty lips.

So on to Thursday night, wow this is truly making a short story long isn't it? 

Wait Wait! I can't skip over my OHMYGOD my water broke oh PSYCH incident. Okay so right after my ultrasound I high tailed it to the restroom, when you get an ultrasound you have to have a full bladder, it makes it easier to measure the placenta or some jazz. Anyways I'm sitting there peeing like normal, and a gush comes out. Eyes wide I shift around and more trickle. My water broke! Holy shit my water broke! Since I already had a pad on (from my spotting) I High tailed it home, figuring I would check my pad when I got home to make sure there was more. I get home, check and nada. It was pee, it was just pee. Cody was confused how I could have mistaken the two, but when your bladder is so squished sometimes if you shift around it makes more space for pee to come out.

Anyway. My water didn't break.

Ok so again at 8pm Thursday night, contractions about 2-8 minutes apart for a solid hour. These ones were growing in intensity and I crawled into bed with my phone ready to call the moms, when you guessed it. They completely stopped. Wtf?! Its so frustrating. And the poopy part is, is that I can hear my doctor's voice in my head saying "stop laying down when your having contractions!''  I should be pacing the halls, staying upright, letting gravity help. But in My head all I think about is if this is "it" I want to be rested!

So here I am Friday morning, thinking how perfect would it be to go into labor riiiight NOW! I guess I'll get my shoes on and lap the neighborhood a few times and see where that gets me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Waiting on a baby

 SO. Today I had my 36 week checkup. It was a little more eventful than I expected. It was time for group B strep test, I expected that. 

I didn't expect to be ''checked'', but that happened. And guess what, I'm a centimeter dilated. One. That's it. Please keep in mind that I have contractions 20-30 minutes apart basically around the clock. So to hear that I was only one was a little disheartening. but Doc reminded me that my water could break at any point. 

Doc also ordered another ultrasound, he wants to check in on Link's size. AGAIN. At this point we can assume Link is about the size that CJ was at delivery (9lbs 14oz), so we are days away from a ten pounder and 2 weeks away from 11....uhhh no thank you sir. My ultrasound is on Thursday, so I'll have a full report for you then. But if I went into labor before my appointment I would be totally and completely okay with that too.

I got more blood drawn to check my blood platelets, because....why not.

& the most eventful of it all...

I had to do a Non Stress Test. It was a 20 minute period that I had to sit hooked up to a couple monitors that recorded Link's heart rate and my contractions. Link passed with flying colors! So that's good. I had been a little concerned about his movements slowing down, but low and behold he showed up for a dance party when they hooked me up to the monitors.

After getting the a-ok to leave I headed home for lunch, then we packed up the family to go for a walk, what a beautiful day huh?!

My contractions really get going while I'm walking, unfortunately the girls only have about an hour long tolerance for stroller sitting. So back home it was, where I sit now and type. Fingers crossed Baby Lincoln decides to come soon and that he doesn't weigh a solid 13 lbs, because that new mamaroo swing we bought him does have a weight limit....

Monday, May 4, 2015

Reagan Grace Update

Reagan Grace

Two months shy of Three years old

Plays: Loves to play outside; water the flowers, playhouse, pick dandelions / wishes, drive her tractor. Inside, she loves to play with her kitchen, build blocks, draw / write grocery lists / do school books, watch movies; current favs are Lion King / Aladdin / Brave, playing with Daddy & CJ. 

Loves: Going to the grocery store, taking baths, helping in the kitchen, doing projects, doing her workouts, watching Pioneer Woman (no joke, it's her favorite).

Hates: When CJ pulls her hair, to be bored, when we don't let her watch toon's / movies.

Says: Reagan says some of the funniest things, I love hearing what she comes up with. Right now she is in a big story telling phase, likes to inform Daddy of the happenings while he's away.

Some of my Favorites::

"You make my nervous"

"Just leave my alone" - Usually directed to Carter

"Mama, I am a hot mess" - One morning after eating breakfast

"That's strange" - Complete with a furrowed brow and finger to the chin

  "Regulator, comin riiiiight up!" - We've been calling her the Reag-ulator, since she is very clearly the boss around here. She said this to Cody the other day and it had us rolling

 "I has on fresh panties, so I don't pee in the yard like a dog" - Before going outside to play, I asked if she needed to go potty first

Wears: Mostly 2T, but anything new I buy her is a 3T

Eats: Reagan has a major sweet tooth (big surprise for a two year old), and loves to snack. Loves "whip cream mouth" a shot of reddi whip straight to the face, pizza (olives and sausage), Mac N Cheese, cucumber / bell peppers, hummus, Eggo waffles, pancakes, crackers / chips, cheeseburgers.

Excited about: Baby Lincoln coming, her birthday, starting pre-school.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Lincoln's Lumberjack Nursery

So the last time we peeked into Link's nursery it looked something like this... YIKES!

Now that we are nearing his arrival I figured it was high time I get things looking a little more presentable, considering he won't even know his days from his nights it's a totally reasonable thing to fret over. Said every pregnant woman ever.

TaDAAA! The glorious (& spacious) nursery. I'm not even sure it qualifies as a "lumberjack" nursery, but I guess that's the look I drew the most inspiration from. 

The great pull debate was over when I found these beauties at Hobby Lobby, I knew I just had to have them.

The big 'L' was another Hobby Lobby find, funny story (not really) I met and fell in love with these letters a long time ago - but I never had a good reason to buy one. SO, when I decided I needed an 'L' for Lincoln, I knew exactly where to find it.

& the little shelf has successfully found all sorts of wonderful things to display.