Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Carter J Update

Carter J

One year + three months

Plays: Loves to play with blocks, play kitchen, in the playhouse/in the rocks, draws with the chalk on the patio, ride in the tractor and wagon.

Loves: To play outside, to eat, to run up and down the hall screaming, to steal things from Reagan, to kiss Lincoln, to watch out the front window, taking baths, dancing, sneaking into mom & dad's room and going through their stuff, taking naps.

Hates: Not getting what she wants, which is usually - to go in the bathroom, to go in to mom & dad's room, when we close the fridge door when she's trying to grab all the condiments, when we make her come inside, getting her diaper changed, anytime Reagan has something she wants.

Says: Good Morning, hungry, please, thank you, cheese, baabbbyyy, Lincoln, sissy, water, milk, puppy, hi, spicy, NO, stop, outside, more, all done, potty, sprinkler, soft, mine, nose/ear/mouth/eye (and can point them out on her face), hair, pretty...

I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but this girl is a talker!

Wears: 2T

Eats: Everything. 

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