Saturday, May 2, 2015

Lincoln's Lumberjack Nursery

So the last time we peeked into Link's nursery it looked something like this... YIKES!

Now that we are nearing his arrival I figured it was high time I get things looking a little more presentable, considering he won't even know his days from his nights it's a totally reasonable thing to fret over. Said every pregnant woman ever.

TaDAAA! The glorious (& spacious) nursery. I'm not even sure it qualifies as a "lumberjack" nursery, but I guess that's the look I drew the most inspiration from. 

The great pull debate was over when I found these beauties at Hobby Lobby, I knew I just had to have them.

The big 'L' was another Hobby Lobby find, funny story (not really) I met and fell in love with these letters a long time ago - but I never had a good reason to buy one. SO, when I decided I needed an 'L' for Lincoln, I knew exactly where to find it.

& the little shelf has successfully found all sorts of wonderful things to display.

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