Monday, May 4, 2015

Reagan Grace Update

Reagan Grace

Two months shy of Three years old

Plays: Loves to play outside; water the flowers, playhouse, pick dandelions / wishes, drive her tractor. Inside, she loves to play with her kitchen, build blocks, draw / write grocery lists / do school books, watch movies; current favs are Lion King / Aladdin / Brave, playing with Daddy & CJ. 

Loves: Going to the grocery store, taking baths, helping in the kitchen, doing projects, doing her workouts, watching Pioneer Woman (no joke, it's her favorite).

Hates: When CJ pulls her hair, to be bored, when we don't let her watch toon's / movies.

Says: Reagan says some of the funniest things, I love hearing what she comes up with. Right now she is in a big story telling phase, likes to inform Daddy of the happenings while he's away.

Some of my Favorites::

"You make my nervous"

"Just leave my alone" - Usually directed to Carter

"Mama, I am a hot mess" - One morning after eating breakfast

"That's strange" - Complete with a furrowed brow and finger to the chin

  "Regulator, comin riiiiight up!" - We've been calling her the Reag-ulator, since she is very clearly the boss around here. She said this to Cody the other day and it had us rolling

 "I has on fresh panties, so I don't pee in the yard like a dog" - Before going outside to play, I asked if she needed to go potty first

Wears: Mostly 2T, but anything new I buy her is a 3T

Eats: Reagan has a major sweet tooth (big surprise for a two year old), and loves to snack. Loves "whip cream mouth" a shot of reddi whip straight to the face, pizza (olives and sausage), Mac N Cheese, cucumber / bell peppers, hummus, Eggo waffles, pancakes, crackers / chips, cheeseburgers.

Excited about: Baby Lincoln coming, her birthday, starting pre-school.

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