Thursday, May 21, 2015

The three little presidents

Since Lincoln is a week old today I thought it was fitting to finally get all three of our offspring together to snap some pictures. 

The girls have been phenomenal with Lincoln, they are clearly smitten with their baby brother. I have a feeling that he will be very well taken care of by these two mama hens.

So, let us begin the adventure of capturing three clean. smiling, children with their hair mostly in place and minimal staining on their clothes. Sounds like a task I'm up to for the next 18+ years.

The first time Reagan got to hold Lincoln 100% by herself. She was pretty pleased with the situation.

Carter wanted to do anything BUT sit and take pictures. 

Reagan will randomly throughout the day walk up to Link, let out a deep sigh and say "I just love him". 

I'd say the photo shoot was a success. 


  1. "I just love him." -- yep, I'm crying. So precious.

    1. :) Obsessed wouldn't begin to describe how these girls feel about their baby brother! I thought it would have worn off by now, at least a little bit, but nope!