Thursday, May 28, 2015

two weeks with three kids under three years

So, we've been at it for two whole weeks. Basically professional kid raisers now. nbd.

There hasn't been a single day when we've all bathed, but all in all I'd say Cody and I have done a pretty good job at keeping everyone alive. Cody has spent the majority of the two weeks playing two man defense, while I've been playing sudden death overtime at all hours of the night.

Lincoln has brought so much love into our lives already. The girls, although searching for a little more attention from time to time, have adjusted very well to having their little brother around.

The last few evenings Lincoln has spent a lot more time awake and alert, I love to watch his little eyes search the room until they lock in on something and then study it. Speaking of his eyes, I was so sure they would turn brown - but they seem to be getting lighter around the pupil. Could we have another grey eyed baby? Maybe blue?! We'll see.

He hasn't lost any of his hair (yet). Lots of long brown locks.

Lincoln nurses every two hours during the day and takes longer stretches (4-5hrs) at night. I'm usually up twice a night with him. I've been lucky and Cody lets me sleep in most mornings, which is heavenly, and really helps me be a nicer mommy throughout the day.

We had our first family outing! I wanted a family selfie so badly, but nary a mirror or reflective surface was to be found. We went to Costco for what else but diapers and wipes, oh and milk. Welcome to the family of five club. I wore Link in my wrap and was only asked by one elderly woman how old he was, then she quickly noted that in her day they wouldn't dare take babies out so young. These times they are a changin lady. The trip was beautifully uneventful, however Lincoln did decide to cry 90% of the way home. 

And Me you ask?

Well I'm doing good! I've been struggling with lots of headaches, hormones? stress? Probably. But otherwise I've recovered really well and quickly. Which makes it easier to tend to everyone else.


  1. Oh boy, he is just precious!! So very happy for you and Cody and the girls! Drew and I will be on the east side late June and early July. I hope we get see you all! Thank you for sharing updates. It's so fun to see pictures and read about your journey. Lots of love sent your way!

    1. Thank you Alyssa! He really is the perfect addition to our family!