Friday, May 8, 2015

Ultrasound Update & Some Fun False Labor

Word of the day: false labor.

I guess that's two words. You remember my first bout with "practice labor", well now I can add two more experiences to my pregnancy story with Lincoln. Wednesday night, and Thursday night, why does it always happen at night?

Wednesday it started about 8pm, actually both nights it started about 8pm, but Wednesday, Wednesday was a marathon. I had contractions ranging from 3-20 minutes apart. But they were not getting more intense as they came, they stayed about the same. I went to bed about 9pm, was up at 11pm and stood for a while swaying back and forth hoping to get labor going. They stayed the same and I crawled my tired butt back in bed after about 30min. I was up again at 2am, still having contractions, but I could tell they were dying, less intense than before. At 5:30am the girls got up and I had a handful of contractions Thursday morning before they completely stopped. Later that morning I started spotting a bit, of course called the birthing center and they said it's completely normal as your cervix dilates. We all went for a walk, lapping the neighborhood a few times, and I did a round of prenatal Pilates in an attempt to get some contractions going. Still nothing. I had my ultrasound at noon, Lincoln is measuring large, shocker right? Depending on what the ultrasound tech was measuring he was between 39w6days and 41w4days and clocking in at 10lbs 4oz. Like a cow through a cat door, as Cody would say. Seriously, ask my pelvis if it was surprised. Also good to note he is head down and low, so my nightmares of him being breech are pretty unlikely to come true. 

The best we could do for pictures, his little face is so smushed in there right now, but you can see those chubby little cheeks and big pouty lips.

So on to Thursday night, wow this is truly making a short story long isn't it? 

Wait Wait! I can't skip over my OHMYGOD my water broke oh PSYCH incident. Okay so right after my ultrasound I high tailed it to the restroom, when you get an ultrasound you have to have a full bladder, it makes it easier to measure the placenta or some jazz. Anyways I'm sitting there peeing like normal, and a gush comes out. Eyes wide I shift around and more trickle. My water broke! Holy shit my water broke! Since I already had a pad on (from my spotting) I High tailed it home, figuring I would check my pad when I got home to make sure there was more. I get home, check and nada. It was pee, it was just pee. Cody was confused how I could have mistaken the two, but when your bladder is so squished sometimes if you shift around it makes more space for pee to come out.

Anyway. My water didn't break.

Ok so again at 8pm Thursday night, contractions about 2-8 minutes apart for a solid hour. These ones were growing in intensity and I crawled into bed with my phone ready to call the moms, when you guessed it. They completely stopped. Wtf?! Its so frustrating. And the poopy part is, is that I can hear my doctor's voice in my head saying "stop laying down when your having contractions!''  I should be pacing the halls, staying upright, letting gravity help. But in My head all I think about is if this is "it" I want to be rested!

So here I am Friday morning, thinking how perfect would it be to go into labor riiiight NOW! I guess I'll get my shoes on and lap the neighborhood a few times and see where that gets me.

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