Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Waiting on a baby

 SO. Today I had my 36 week checkup. It was a little more eventful than I expected. It was time for group B strep test, I expected that. 

I didn't expect to be ''checked'', but that happened. And guess what, I'm a centimeter dilated. One. That's it. Please keep in mind that I have contractions 20-30 minutes apart basically around the clock. So to hear that I was only one was a little disheartening. but Doc reminded me that my water could break at any point. 

Doc also ordered another ultrasound, he wants to check in on Link's size. AGAIN. At this point we can assume Link is about the size that CJ was at delivery (9lbs 14oz), so we are days away from a ten pounder and 2 weeks away from 11....uhhh no thank you sir. My ultrasound is on Thursday, so I'll have a full report for you then. But if I went into labor before my appointment I would be totally and completely okay with that too.

I got more blood drawn to check my blood platelets, because....why not.

& the most eventful of it all...

I had to do a Non Stress Test. It was a 20 minute period that I had to sit hooked up to a couple monitors that recorded Link's heart rate and my contractions. Link passed with flying colors! So that's good. I had been a little concerned about his movements slowing down, but low and behold he showed up for a dance party when they hooked me up to the monitors.

After getting the a-ok to leave I headed home for lunch, then we packed up the family to go for a walk, what a beautiful day huh?!

My contractions really get going while I'm walking, unfortunately the girls only have about an hour long tolerance for stroller sitting. So back home it was, where I sit now and type. Fingers crossed Baby Lincoln decides to come soon and that he doesn't weigh a solid 13 lbs, because that new mamaroo swing we bought him does have a weight limit....

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