Saturday, May 16, 2015

Welcome Lincoln Gray Austin!! {Birth Story}

Well. He's HERE!!

It all started Wednesday May 13th.
I started having weak and irregular contractions about 11am. I spent the day drinking raspberry leaf tea, walking the neighborhood and bouncing on the yoga ball. Around 8pm I headed to the birthing center to be monitored, after spending all day counting contractions of all levels - being excited - getting disappointed when they fizzled - and then super anxious - I decided to let the experts tell me what was up from down. I was soon hooked up to machines and given an exam, I was at 4.5-5 cm, which was awesome - because I had only been 3 cm the day before at my weekly doctor's checkup. The nurse quickly informed me that I wasn't going home that night. 

Cue major anxiety.

I quickly sent a text to Cody "CALL THE MOM'S, THEY ARE ADMITTING ME".

Thankfully we had the mind to arrange to have our friends Heath and Leah come to the house to be with the girls while Cody's Mom made her two hour trek. 

Cody soon joined me at the hospital, where I forced him to take awkward photos kissing me whilst I held a barf bag.

I was checked again at 9:30p and was a "full" 5cm, I had been on the monitors awhile now so the nurse let me off so I could utilize the birthing ball, & walk the halls. So I bounced and bounced until they had to put me back on the monitors. Then after being monitored for the designated time, Cody and I walked the halls - back and forth, back and forth. *Note to others, bring decent shoes.* At this point it was well after midnight when they put me back in bed to be monitored, we tried to get some rest.

Mom Arrived about 1am, we chatted for a bit and then decided to "rest". Does anyone ever really get to sleep when they are in the hospital? 

At 3:15a I was 6-7cm.

At 3:45a the nurse came in and said that she had just talked to the on call doctor and he wanted to know if I wanted him to "break my water and have a baby or just let it play out a bit longer"? I jumped on the ''break my water'' bandwagon without a second thought.

What I did have second thoughts about was going natural. I'm sure you're all aware of my low blood platelet saga, well I was just above the cutoff for an epidural (my count was 108 - cutoff was 100), and honestly I was a little disappointed that an epidural was an option. It's so easy to stay the natural birth course when you have no other option. But when the magical E word comes into play it gets harder and harder to resist. Knowing how my labor with Carter was, I anticipated that as soon as my water broke things were going to get very intense very quickly. So we called in the anesthesiologist. 

At 4:30a my epidural was placed. 

At 4:45a I was 7-8cm and the Doctor broke my water. However, opened the flood gates could be said to better describe the situation. No joke, I have witnesses, two gallons AT LEAST of fluid came out. While I drained, the doctor had a nurse help position Lincoln by pushing on my stomach, he had his head out of line with my cervix which was why labor wasn't as fast as anticipated, it was also why my water hadn't broken on it's own despite it being bulging. 

At 6am I was still 7-8cm and they started pitocen to help get my contractions on track.

At 7am I was 9cm and they started setting up shop. The on call doctor gave me the option to wait it out until my regular doctor was in to deliver, but I was SO hungry all I could think about was a nice room temperature mediocre hospital cafeteria breakfast - so I opted to push this baby out with a stranger.

The nurses moved about the room getting things ready and by 7:30a the doctor was back, checked me and said it was go time - by this point I was a "plus two" which I didn't know was even an option, I guess that's the beauty of the epidural. 

With three pushes Mr. Lincoln Gray Austin made his way into the world at 7:39am weighing in at 8lbs 15oz and 20.5in long.

And we couldn't be more in love.

Welcome to the world Handsome!

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