Friday, July 31, 2015

1 hour Photo - circa 2015

And you caught me on a good day because it hasn't even been an hour yet since I snapped these.

Sometimes I grab my camera during the best moments and snap - snap - snap, and then they sit on my memory card for weeks. Tonight, while migrating into the bedroom I laid Lincoln down on the bed for a moment so I could continue our nightly routine and I realized how perfect the late evening light looked on him streaming in the window. 

So I grabbed my camera.

Most of you know, or probably could have guessed, by our timing, that Lincoln was a bit of a surprise to us. But since the day he was born I knew, he was no surprise. He was absolutely and perfectly planned. This boy. Oh this boy, I can't even put into words what he has done to my heart. 

He's beautiful, and he is the most perfect addition to our little family. 

We love you Lincoln,


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