Sunday, July 26, 2015

Birthday Farm Visit!

As a child, I celebrated many birthdays at Nana and Papa's farm, so as this years birthday rolls around I thought a family farm visit would suit my fancy!

And it did just that.

I had told the girls the night before our visit, that they were going to get to ride the pony. They were both SO excited! And lets be honest, so was I, I've been waiting for this day since they were born. Reagan and Carter skip around the house yelling "yeehaw" everyday pretending to ride horses, so I figured the real deal would put them over the moon. I was basically wrong.

Carter, in true Carter fashion, warmed up to the little pony after holding his purple necklace for a little bit.

And was even brave enough to climb into the saddle...for all of 10 seconds.

Hey, that's enough time to get a few good pictures.

Reagan decided to sit this pony sitting out.

Although she did finally decide that giving him a little nose pet was a good idea.

Afterwards, the girls ran around and competed to see who could get the filthiest the fastest. 

Carter won. As per usual.

Lincoln won the best baby award for the fourth outing in a row.

And Carter let us know how she feels in her heart about family photos.

Unless you bribe her with a peanut butter cookie.

And here we are, going hard in that family portrait game.

It was a fantastic trip. The car ride was beautifully uneventful, and the girls were worn O U T, it's always a special treat when you can toss some mac n cheese their way and tuck them in for an early bedtime. 

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