Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Life Lately // Birthday edition

So, life lately has been spent in the slow lane. And I won't even complain about it. Cody and I have been getting used to this family of five thing at our own pace and it has been great. 

We ventured out a few weeks ago for a family lunch date.

Our Baby Lincoln passed on the enchiladas and decided to siesta. No Problemo Senor!

And theeeeen, I had my first solo trip with all three kids. Reagan had her three year well check and Lincoln had his two month. so the four of us headed out for the doctors office. It went basically good, the only complaint from me is more of how inconvenient that dumb office is.

I have no clue what to do with this little dude's hair! The mohawk is my go to, brushed to the side makes him look like a total dweeb, so straight up it goes. Since either of the girls have yet to have a haircut I feel totally out of my league in the hair game.

And I'm not one that you would typically call sentimental, but last year I got my Nana's handmedown canning equipment, and this year as I've been canning, pickling, and jamming I can't help but think about all the years she did the same for her family. 

Oh and did someone say BIRTHDAY!? 
I have been so spoiled this year, Cody seems to dish out surprise after surprise. I've gotten to celebrate the last couple of days by sleeping in, hiding from the kids and sewing, and of course eating all my favorite foods. 

I have been showered with latte's, champagne, wine, expensive cheese, and HBO shows. What more could a 29 year old woman ask for?!

and for lunch we feasted on taco truck delights like Kings!

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  1. You are amazing, momma!! And happy belated birthday. I'm a terrrrrrrible friend for forgetting!!!