Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Girls

Oh these girls. 

They are both at the 'pushing the limits' stage, and I am constantly reminding myself to choose my battles. 

As Carter rips page after page out of the coloring book and gives me that side eye look that says, "does she see me? does she see what I'm doing? I'm doing something bad, does she see?" while I nurse Lincoln I secretly smile inside and pretend not to notice. Then when she's done I say, alright girls lets pick up your mess. 

Because if I don't, and I bark "Carter don't do that. Stop. CJ STOP!" it does zero good,and instead of the 'does she see me' it's the "what are you going to do about it?" look.

Carter has gotten a few new teeth, including a nice set of molars. Teething puts us through the ringer.
Speaking of teeth, CJ sinks hers into Reagan quite a bit. Poor Reagan.

Carter is such a little chatty bug, we love when she says "snowball", "spicy", and says "yeehaw" instead of horse.

Carter has also been known to be an apple thief if they are left within reach.

Some of Reagan's latest funnies:

driving past the RV dealership : ''oh man, I want to go on ca-cashion"

passing a truck towing a boat : "MooooooM I just want that boat"
Yeah me too kid.

"Horn! Horn!"

Cody: "son of a...!"
Reagan: "bitch"

They both love their brother, sometimes a little too hard.

Reagan is very excited to start school this Fall // I am very excited too.

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