Sunday, July 5, 2015

This is Three:

So now that we've been partying for a week solid, I'll throw up a little recap.

We started on Tuesday with a BBQ with the Austin's, where Reagan received her first catching wand fishing pole. Reagan is SO excited to give it a test drive this Summer, hopefully Cody can get out with her soon. 

Wednesday the Birthday Girl woke with a spring in her step, she marched right into our room and declared "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOO MEEEEE!" 

First stop was presents.

We had thought about getting Reagan a little tablet, but the anti techy in me just couldn't bring myself to buy our three year old her own. 

SO little tikes it was...

And the anti toy part of me said OUTSIDE TOYS, so we got Reagan the little basketball hoop and T- ball set, pink ones - like there is any other option. 

After her dinner of choice, sushi and shrimps, there was cake...

& then we hit the beach (To be continued...)

Part of me feels like it was just yesterday that we brought little Reagan home from the hospital, the other half says "she's only three?!". Reagan is such a responsible little girl, it's easy for us to feel like she is older than she really is. Everyday she brings big smiles to our faces by saying the funniest things or doing something so totally random, She is such a joy to be around and I am so excited to see what this year holds in store for her. 

We love you Reagan Grace Austin!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl.


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