Monday, August 3, 2015

A little TLC for our home

Our to do list for the house seems to be never ending, five seconds after finishing a project we are looking around for the next project to start. 

One of the things on our list was having the exterior of our house painted. And this weekend it got crossed off our list with a big red marker!

*Please excuse the deadish grass, we're elbows deep in 100 degree temps with watering restrictions*

We chose a medium gray, in attempts to keep it neutral for resale purposes. I love it, and what I love even more is the fact that the most work I had to do was moving those planters away from the house. I'm all for a good DIY project, but this is one I did NOT want to take on. Cody and I were sure to save up and even forfeited our vacation money for this one. #worthit  

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