Monday, September 28, 2015

Kisses For Brother

We're having family pictures taken in a few weeks, and to prepare I've been practicing with my make-up. Well that leads to the girls wanting to play with it, which leads to lipstick kisses all over Lincoln.

I thought these were too cute not to share!
(of course I did, I'm his Mom...)

CJ 1.5 year Update

Carter had her year and a half well check the other day, she's healthy and growing like a weed.
She also got 4 shots that did her in for a solid 3 days, but we're on the up and up now.

CJ's Stats::

Height: 34.5'' (96%)
Weight: 30lbs 14oz (99%)

(If she doesn't slow down on the growing she will pass up Reag in no time.)

If you don't know Carter, these are just pictures of a toddler wearing pajamas in the afternoon, with the meanest case of bedhead you've ever seen, & lunch residue still on her chubby cheeks.

My Mama eyes see a spirited girl who for a few post nap minutes is the sweetest, most gentle little girl ever. Don't blink or you'll miss it.

Love you Carter J.


Reaggy Grace, Model Extraordinaire

I grabbed my camera the other day to snap some pictures of the girls playing outside,
it's safe to say...
Reagan clearly has a knack for modeling. 

Work it girl.

The End.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dolly Girl

 Hello Dolly!

I mentioned briefly that we got ourselves a bun bun, but I thought now that we've all settled in I would expand a bit on our new family member.

 Internet world, meet Dolly. I volleyed hard for the name Starla, Reagan didn't approve.

She knows that when the girls come around there is a good chance she is getting a handful of fresh picked treats. Mint and basil being her favorite, but she doesn't discriminate against weeds and leaves alike.

The girls are always anxious in the morning to go check on Dolly; give her fresh water and hay.

She spends her nights in a hutch on the patio and while the weather is nice, she spends the days in her little exercise pen in the grass. 

She loves to sit on my lap on the porch swing and get a good ear scratching.

I think it's safe to say she loves her new home, and we definitely like having her around!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Goodbye Summer!

On the way to pick up Reagan from Preschool today I thought we should have a little impromptu ice cream party on the patio to send Summer 2015 off in style.

 So we swung by the grocery, and Reagan got to pick out the ice cream and the cones. Then, after standing behind the two most clueless people at checkout we headed home!

And then we hosed them off...

Summer was good to us. We went camping, rode ponies, vacationed, went to the fair, and did a handful of house projects (Just to name a few).  We did lots of lovin, learnin and growing. We are all ready for Fall- Pumpkins, cooler weather and HOODIES! 


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mama's boy

I just couldn't help but jump in the picture with this little Meatball after doing his 4 Month pictures.

"I'll eat you up, I love you so"

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Four Months

Oh Linky boy,

I can basically put your monthly updates on repeat, you are in fact the best baby ever. I'm sure of it.

You go with the flow, and are so incredibly patient. You are almost always the last to get my attention, I know - not fair! - but the Girls demand it with their crys whines and high pitched tantrums. And there you are, quietly waiting for your turn with Mama. Thank you my sweet boy. I owe you one.

You spend so much of the day alert, still napping here and there whenever you can seem to catch a quiet moment. 

We have overcome the dreaded 'car seat hating phase' which makes Sissy's preschool drop off so much more enjoyable.

You take a little bit longer stretches in between nursing during the day, still peacefully and wonderfully sleeping through the night.

I put you to sleep in your room one night, you did great - but I missed you like crazy. So it's safe to say that you will be sleeping in our room until further notice. 

We started you on baby cereal about 2 weeks ago, in the evenings it was clear that you were not satisfied with your dinner offering so we upped the annie a bit and you are a much happier little guy at night. 

Just in the last few days we have given you green beans and sweet potatoes and you gobbled them right up! 

You had your 4 month well check on Wednesday, but Mommy completely spaced and missed it - so we rescheduled it for next week. :) We'll get your stats then.

You are such a light in our life, you are so amazing, and we all just love you so much! 

Height: 26.5'' (91%)
Weight: 16lbs 12oz (71%)

Zero // One // Two // Three

Birthday Man

We're lucky we get to call you ours. Thanks for putting up with all of us.

Cheers to 30 more babe.

We love you!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Girl's Quilts

They're DONE! I just wanted to share a couple quick pics.

More of my quilts can be found at our My Little Deers Etsy shop!