Thursday, September 17, 2015

Four Months

Oh Linky boy,

I can basically put your monthly updates on repeat, you are in fact the best baby ever. I'm sure of it.

You go with the flow, and are so incredibly patient. You are almost always the last to get my attention, I know - not fair! - but the Girls demand it with their crys whines and high pitched tantrums. And there you are, quietly waiting for your turn with Mama. Thank you my sweet boy. I owe you one.

You spend so much of the day alert, still napping here and there whenever you can seem to catch a quiet moment. 

We have overcome the dreaded 'car seat hating phase' which makes Sissy's preschool drop off so much more enjoyable.

You take a little bit longer stretches in between nursing during the day, still peacefully and wonderfully sleeping through the night.

I put you to sleep in your room one night, you did great - but I missed you like crazy. So it's safe to say that you will be sleeping in our room until further notice. 

We started you on baby cereal about 2 weeks ago, in the evenings it was clear that you were not satisfied with your dinner offering so we upped the annie a bit and you are a much happier little guy at night. 

Just in the last few days we have given you green beans and sweet potatoes and you gobbled them right up! 

You had your 4 month well check on Wednesday, but Mommy completely spaced and missed it - so we rescheduled it for next week. :) We'll get your stats then.

You are such a light in our life, you are so amazing, and we all just love you so much! 

Height: 26.5'' (91%)
Weight: 16lbs 12oz (71%)

Zero // One // Two // Three

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