Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Girl, You'll be a woman soon"

Big changes in the kingdom over here. 

Her Royal Highness has officially pooped in the potty.

& Sweetly requests panties (at the top of her ever screaming lungs) every morning. 

Diapers for life with this one. I'm not ready to potty train the TP monster.


Carter has decided to start gracefully lunging herself out of her crib. So in an effort to spare her poor little body any more bruises, Cody took off the front of her crib to make a big girl bed of sorts.

I was SO nervous for the first night of freedom, but she did amazing! I had to remind her three times that she is to stay in bed, and that was that. Naps on the other hand are a bit more challenging, but we are slowly working through them. 

She is so happy to be a big girl like Reaggy.

I have big dreams of getting them a cute little bunk bed that I have had my eyes on for a while. But didn't plan on getting it so soon, this will have to do for the meantime. 

Happy big girl bed Carter J!

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