Sunday, October 11, 2015

House Tour / / Kitchen

When we looked at buying our house we knew there was going to be some small home projects that we wanted to accomplish. We've slowly been ticking away at them as more and more projects keep getting added to the list. 

But the kitchen is finally DONE! (although I would love to re-do the backsplash...)

The microwave was the first project completed. In a kitchen barely big enough to turn around in, I was not on team 'micro on the counter'. A fresh coat of grey paint wasn't far behind.

The new floor came when we installed laminate though out the main living spaces.

The chalkboard wall- I'm not sure who loves it more, the girls or me...?! It's a must have in any home we own from here on out.

We bought a new range for ourselves as a Christmas present last year. Slowly working on converting to all stainless appliances.

And lastly and most drastically changing, we painted the cabinets. This took some major convincing, Cody was apprehensive about the outcome, but after all is said and done - we love it! 

// More before & afters can be seen at the 'Our Home' tab //

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