Thursday, September 3, 2015

I Wore Jeans Yesterday!

Otherwise titled: HAPPY FALL!

Okay maybe not quiteee yet, but we've had some wonderfully appreciated 70 degree days after a HOT HOT Summer and we're loving it. To the max. 

I figured it was time for an update around here. Amazing how busy three kids can keep you. 

We've expanded the family, by four legs and lots and lots of hair. But at least it doesn't bark.

I've been wanting a bunny for a solid year, and after seeing the bunnies at the fair we were spurred to finally pull the trigger on it. 

Her name is Dolly, and she is as sweet as can be. The girls love her, CJ is obsessed with her little twitchy nose and Reagan can't pick and feed her all my basil fast enough. 

This little guy. He has apparently grown out of the sleepy newborn stage and now wants much more attention. He LOVES to be talked to, and thinks it's just great to watch his Sisters play. But don't even think about leaving him alone while he's awake. Also, shows absolutely no sign or interest in rolling over or being mobile. Guess he's not taking after CJ in that department, who was already rolling over and halfway to crawling at this point. We're working tough on getting him to take a paci, he has little interest, but it sure would help if he did.

Savoring the short and sweet days of pj playing and messy hair before we start our new (much anticipated) pre-school day routine.

I'm SO looking forward to gaining a little more backbone to our schedule. Even if it is only three days a week. 

Looking forward to Cody's dirty thirty birthday, a visit from Mom and Shawn, and a YARD SALE! Hopefully.

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