Saturday, October 31, 2015

Mini Bunks!

This post really should just be called THANK YOU DADDY!! 

Cody did such an amazing job building our girls some beds. I found basic plans online and Cody altered them to fit crib size mattresses instead of twins and didn't extend the legs, so the bottom bed is easy for Carter to climb in and out of. 

He painted it Behr Rainwater, it's the perfect shade of turquoise!

All told, these bunk beds cost us less than $100 to make. Sure beats the Ikea bunks that I had my eyes on.

 I wanted to keep the crib size instead of moving up to twin, one - because we didn't have to buy new mattresses. Two - because the girls are still young enough to be comfortable in the smaller size, and three - because the rooms are moderately small, and I'd rather have more room in there for them to play!

Reagan is over the moon! She discovered quickly that she can escape her sister and have a little solo play time. CJ is still a little too young for the coordination it takes to climb the ladder (I'm sure it's only a matter of time). Reagan spent all afternoon sitting on the top bunk looking through our collection of junk mail magazines that were freshly delivered, it was the sweetest thing.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pumpkin Carving and Campfires

In an attempt to seize the Fall spirit I drug the kids outside to get elbows deep in some pumpkin guts and then a few days later the girls and I had a good old fashion dinner by the fire pit.

We had pasta with broccoli,  & roasted hot dogs.  

We had to move inside for s'mores


Because I'm SO good at building fires. 

The great big catch up post

The girls got to pick out their Halloween costumes. No, we're not trick or treating - Reagan has a Halloween school party and we can't have just one dress...or we would have two half dresses.

Wiggle worm.

Spent an afternoon scouting for our family pictures.

Both girls had their first dentist appointment. I was too busy holding CJ down to snap a photo. Both girls got good reports!

Dolly got a new swanky condo.

Linc had his very first Walmart visit, it's all down hill from here buddy.

Squirrel watching. 

Lincoln's last sink bath.

Lincoln has started reading.

Two park party poopers.

and one dare devil.

Lots of library visits.

Three child snuggles.

and three child shopping trips.

& the squishiest little cheeks.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Five Months

A whole five months! 

The days are flying by, you're gabbing up a storm, rolling over and scootching around like the chunkiest little earthworm I've ever seen.

You've been sleeping in your room now for a few weeks, you've done amazing with the transition. I however, miss you like crazy. Surprise, surprise.

Bed time is about 7p and you sleep until 8a usually. Sometimes I need to sneak in there in the middle of the night and cover you back up, you like to kick the blanket off - you also like to get stuck in the craziest positions against your crib rails.

You take two crib naps during the day, and a handful of cat naps here and there.

You are a good little eater, love when it's time to eat your solids, which is usually dinner time- sometimes lunch and dinner. If someone is eating and your'e not, you watch them like a hawk - willing them to give you a bite. Soon enough little meatball.

You love when we talk to you, Reagan and Carter know all the tricks to get you to laugh. Typically a good fake sneeze or a pig snort will have you all sorts of giggling. 

You have a few rattles that you love to play with, you also love to play with the squishy balls on your mamaroo or grab a big handful of my hair and see how much drool you can get in it. Fun for us all.

Next month we'll head back to the doctors for your 6 month checkup. I'm excited to see how you clock in for height and weight, you seem to be growing with every passing second.

We love you sweet boy. I am so grateful for you. 



Zero // One // Two // Three // Four


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Oh Hi.

I've been such a neglectful blogger this month!

I can't even tell you what we've been doing, but keeping busy. I think. 
The days are flying by, I can barely keep up with teeth brushings and nail clippings let alone blog posts!

But Reagan and I did manage to carve out five minutes today to take some pictures under our beautiful tree in the front lawn, so I thought I would throw them your way and check in. 

Hasn't felt much like Fall around here, up until this week we were still in the 80's. But finally starting to cool off a bit. The trees are the most beautiful red and yellow shades. Soaking it up while we can.

Hope Fall is treating you all just as well!


Sunday, October 11, 2015

House Tour / / Kitchen

When we looked at buying our house we knew there was going to be some small home projects that we wanted to accomplish. We've slowly been ticking away at them as more and more projects keep getting added to the list. 

But the kitchen is finally DONE! (although I would love to re-do the backsplash...)

The microwave was the first project completed. In a kitchen barely big enough to turn around in, I was not on team 'micro on the counter'. A fresh coat of grey paint wasn't far behind.

The new floor came when we installed laminate though out the main living spaces.

The chalkboard wall- I'm not sure who loves it more, the girls or me...?! It's a must have in any home we own from here on out.

We bought a new range for ourselves as a Christmas present last year. Slowly working on converting to all stainless appliances.

And lastly and most drastically changing, we painted the cabinets. This took some major convincing, Cody was apprehensive about the outcome, but after all is said and done - we love it! 

// More before & afters can be seen at the 'Our Home' tab //