Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Five Months

A whole five months! 

The days are flying by, you're gabbing up a storm, rolling over and scootching around like the chunkiest little earthworm I've ever seen.

You've been sleeping in your room now for a few weeks, you've done amazing with the transition. I however, miss you like crazy. Surprise, surprise.

Bed time is about 7p and you sleep until 8a usually. Sometimes I need to sneak in there in the middle of the night and cover you back up, you like to kick the blanket off - you also like to get stuck in the craziest positions against your crib rails.

You take two crib naps during the day, and a handful of cat naps here and there.

You are a good little eater, love when it's time to eat your solids, which is usually dinner time- sometimes lunch and dinner. If someone is eating and your'e not, you watch them like a hawk - willing them to give you a bite. Soon enough little meatball.

You love when we talk to you, Reagan and Carter know all the tricks to get you to laugh. Typically a good fake sneeze or a pig snort will have you all sorts of giggling. 

You have a few rattles that you love to play with, you also love to play with the squishy balls on your mamaroo or grab a big handful of my hair and see how much drool you can get in it. Fun for us all.

Next month we'll head back to the doctors for your 6 month checkup. I'm excited to see how you clock in for height and weight, you seem to be growing with every passing second.

We love you sweet boy. I am so grateful for you. 



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