Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The great big catch up post

The girls got to pick out their Halloween costumes. No, we're not trick or treating - Reagan has a Halloween school party and we can't have just one dress...or we would have two half dresses.

Wiggle worm.

Spent an afternoon scouting for our family pictures.

Both girls had their first dentist appointment. I was too busy holding CJ down to snap a photo. Both girls got good reports!

Dolly got a new swanky condo.

Linc had his very first Walmart visit, it's all down hill from here buddy.

Squirrel watching. 

Lincoln's last sink bath.

Lincoln has started reading.

Two park party poopers.

and one dare devil.

Lots of library visits.

Three child snuggles.

and three child shopping trips.

& the squishiest little cheeks.

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