Monday, November 9, 2015


I believe the kids these days are calling it ''geeking out''. Yeah, I'm totally geeking out. I spent no less than four hours staring and flipping through them all. Narrowing it down one by one, it was a painful process.

First, I have to say what a great time we had taking the pictures, I was so nervous about how the girls would act. I strategically timed Carter's nap that day so that I could prep/pack for the shoot and also insure that she would be rested, I knew our photo's would last well past bedtime. So giving her a late nap was a must.

Second, I'm so glad we did them- considering we had all of zero professional pictures of our family this was long overdue. Time has just gone by so fast, and there seemed to always be a "wait till this baby's born" "wait till I lose 20 lbs" "ok, wait till THIS baby's born" excuse. So finally no more excuses!

Third, we'll most likely be waiting another three years before we have prof pictures taken again. Reagan seemed to be at the perfect age, when Lincoln is three we'll give it another go. Sorry folks, you're stuck with my blurry cell snaps for now!!

So, the package we went with included three digital files, meaning we get the pic and can print to our hearts desire. It also included a handful of prints of various sizes. Those will take a bit to come in, so for now I'll just jump right to what I actually have to show you.

This one just makes my heart so happy. It's EXACTLY what I wanted Ann to capture about our family. This is our daily life people. Me trying to get Carter to sit down for the picture, Carter beating to her own drum and all of us cracking up. I'm sure CJ was saying something crazy, and look at the way Reagan is looking at her. It's amazing, this life I get to call mine. I made sure to get this as a file so I can print it off nice and big and finally fill that empty frame that's been hanging in our hallway for over a year now.

Moving on. US! Cody and Ashley. Ashley and Cody. I love our wedding pictures, in fact I have three of my favorites hanging up in our house. But I would love to freshen up one or two of those with a more recent picture. I mean, we're headed towards our fifth anniversary this Spring. Maybe it's about time we give them an update.  

And since we loved both of these so much, we got them both.

I know what you're thinking, "family pictures? you mean Ashley and Cody kissing on the fence pictures..." 

And to that I say "SO?!"

I'll keep you posted when our prints arrive.

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