Thursday, November 5, 2015

These, are the days of our lives.

So just a little update on our lives. Posts have been sparse around here lately, the days seem to fly by and it's easy to choose to do other things in my limited free time, like shower or eat a real meal. But here I am making an effort to document our days. Because before I know it, I'll be 50 and have all the free time in the world, but nothing to type about.

We're doing the preschool shuffle three times a week. I had no idea what a big commitment I was making when I signed Reagan up. Getting out the door in the morning means abiding by a strict time schedule. But she loves it, and I can tell she is learning a lot so it's all worth it.

We've all managed to have/maintain stuffy/runny noses since preschool started, so that's been fun.

Reagan is, like I mentioned, getting so smart. She is such a good girl and always gets praise from her teachers. She is a good listener and a great helper both at school and at home.

Carter is entering...? Still in...hopefully ending her terrible two's phase. She's a tricky one that girl. She has such an amazing vocabulary, always popping off with the wildest phrases or comments. She has such a wild spirit, a true dare devil. Always running, jumping, climbing and always on things she shouldn't. She puts me to my limits that girl, but I'm so very excited to see what kind of wild and crazy life she ends up living.

Lincoln is, well awesome. Such a good baby, just along for the ride most of the time. Growing like crazy, wearing 12 month clothes. Rolling over from front to back and back to front, and just started trying to tuck his chunky little legs up underneath him - next stop crawling. Which I am totally and completely not prepared for. The broom and I will have to become much better friends.

I've been busy (see above) but also with my etsy shop. Orders have been steady, and I've been working on lots of custom items, which is fun but more time consuming. I started the shop in the beginning of the year, and now that the year is coming to an end I'm excited to see what the second year of business brings me..hopefully out of the red.

I'm on the look out for a really good household organizer/calendar, preferably one that meal plans and grocery shops for me. If you have any recommendations shoot them my way.

I've been patiently waiting on our family pictures, Ann threw us this teaser and I've been pacing back and forth ever since.

Cody is also keeping busy, between work and accomplishing my hunny-do list, he's barely been able to get a moments rest.

We've been dreaming tough about our next house. Which usually is just a horrendous roller coaster of emotion.
 "OMG THIS IS IT, I LOVE IT! LETS BUY IT! oh, our house isn't ready to sell. I don't want to move in the winter. anxiety anxiety anxiety...BUT WHAT IF THIS IS IT, IT'S MY DREAM HOME". overwhelmed feelings mixed with anger and sadness..... 
Kinda like that. But multiply times six.

Really starting to look forward to the Holidays. We get to celebrate Thanksgiving twice and Christmas twice! And somewhere a long the line squeezing in a visit with my baby brother who is just getting back from Afghanistan! And of course the New Year, I love thinking about all the possibilities that the upcoming year holds. Hell maybe we'll buy a new house.

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