Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Very Merry Christmas Post

What a special Christmas!! We were so lucky to have so much family make the trip from all over the state! Great Grandma Paulie traveled the furthest, so she wins the Christmas prize.

Santa came!! He brought the girls unicorns and slippers! 

Reagan painted each of the Grandma's their own little masterpiece.

And Nana may have made Reagan's whole year by getting her two Barbie's!!! It was the cutest moment ever!  "OH! MY! GOD! MY FIRST BARBIEEEE!!!!"

Baby's first Christmas!

Reagan also got a pink BB gun! "So I can hunt cats!"

and because the outtakes are always better...

It was so great to have a house full of family, and now that the tree is headed to the dump and the pine needles have been swept up Cody and I are left to referee the barbie battles.


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