Friday, January 1, 2016

A Look at 2015

Happy New Year!!

Another year in the books for us Austin's. Sometimes life seems to pass you by, before you know it the year is gone. But when you sit down and link some of your favorite blog posts together, you realize that you did actually do things this year.

Let this picture less post guide you through our year, it was a good one. And hopefully 2016 will be just as good to us (and you).

We vacationed:
We hit up the Mountain for snow, the Beach for sun and Vegas for fun.

We diy'd:
We worked on the outside, the back patio got a new purpose, the front yard got a little love (and since has been re-re-did and even the house got a new coat of paint. On the inside, we refinished the dressers from Hell Ikea, gave Lincoln a nursery, Cody constructed mini Bunks for the girls, and the kitchen got a makeover.

We celebrated:
Carter's first birthday, we made it to see another anniversary, our third and last baby was born, Reagan turned three, I turned 23 again, and Cody hit the big 3-0!!

We holiday'ed:
We hit up all the major holidays St Patty'sEasterFather's DayHalloweenThanksgiving & Christmas

& The girls grew up right before our eyes:
Reaggy started school, & Carter got a big girl bed

Of course there was a little more to the story, I somehow managed to post 116 blog posts which is a whole lot of selfies (sorry bout that). Thanks for hanging in there with me. Lets see what kind of trouble we can get into in 2016.


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