Sunday, January 31, 2016

Eight Months

Linky Boy!

Guess I procrastinated long enough on your eight month update. I was hoping it would keep time from passing, looks like I was wrong.

I will say, in my defense, I did take your pictures a few weeks ago but was too lazy to change the crib sheet from white to buffalo check. Then when I loaded the pictures on the computer I deemed them unblogable, so I finally got around to changing your sheets and here we are.

Okay, so down to business. 

You're eight (and a half) months.

The sunshine to our cloudy days.

Love to be in the action.

Demand to be fed if anyone within a five mile radius is eating.

Fiiiinally sitting up on your own.

I think you're starting to cut your top teeth.

Love to feed yourself snacks, fries, & waffle chunks.

Just got your third haircut.

Oh yeah, and starting to do this...

You are seriously the sweetest thing, and you surly have us all wrapped around your fingers.

Love you bud bud.



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