Thursday, March 3, 2016

Another day, Another Farmhouse

Except this time we loaded up as a family to make the six hour round trip drive to view the house. Which as you can imagine meant a lot less Tom Petty jam sessions and a lot more "Mom, can we go home now?". Yeah it was a blast. 

We got to town a half hour early so we found a city park and let the girls 'shake out the crazies'.

The destination! A 1910 farmhouse on 10 acres.

The current *renters* are a bit what one might describe as "attached to their stuff" as in "they don't get rid of anything" anythiiing. Whatever. It made for an interesting walk though, and luckily we were able to look past all the stuff to see the potential in the house.

We loved it enough to make an offer, one with special concessions for debris removal and professional cleaning. So we'll see how that goes! 

The trip home seemed to go quickly, lots of naps, a little crying. But today confirmed that we do in fact have the best children in the world. They were all so good, all things considered.

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