Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Proud Mommy Moment

Reagan wrote her name for the very first time today! And truly with very little help from me. Today I bought her a new (Star Wars) notebook for all her drawings, which she is also very good at, and had written her name at the top. A few minutes later she ran over to me with her book to show me that she had written her name at the bottom of the page.

And yes tears of pride swelled in my eyes.

So proud of you Reaggy girl! 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

New House Project List

So as we sit here and wait for the house to go through closing I can't help but scour the internet for ideas for the new house's interior.

Here is a pretty rough draft on our plans. Blame it on HGTV.

For the most part the house just needs a fresh coat of paint throughout, but the kitchen is where we want to do the most work. 

The living room really just needs some paint and window coverings. We plan on painting the ceiling planks, NOT THE BEAMS, so that we can brighten up the space. Both times we've been to the house have been cloudy days, and it does get a bit dark in the living room with all that wood. I think the beams will really pop against a light ceiling.

The tile flooring wouldn't be our first choice, but it will be easy to clean (which I love) we will probably put in hardwood in a few years.

Paint! I love paint! The whole house will be getting new paint, ceilings included, so anyone volunteering to help is welcome ;) 

Here are some preliminary paint samples that I have picked out.

Colors are Sherwin Williams

I'm really hoping to bring back some of the 1910 farmhouse charm.

As for the outside.

The 3,200 sq ft barn needs some TLC. Actually a lot of TLC, but after that we have some plans for additional outbuildings, fencing, a grand garden area and animal housing....again, volunteers welcome ;)

I keep telling Cody, I can't wait to see the house and property in three years. I know it's going to take a while to do everything we want to do, but it will all be so pretty and worth it in the end!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Kidlet Updates

We've all been trying to adjust to this apartment life. Some of us have done better than others, well just Lincoln, He's the only one who has handled this move well.

The girls are sorely missing preschool, and any semblance of a routine. We've been trying to head to the park, or go for walks around the apartment complex on a somewhat regular basis, but balancing everyone's 'awake' times can be a challenge. 

Lincoln is still taking two healthy naps, and Carter takes one very healthy nap in the afternoon. So there is such a small window of time that everyone is awake and we can head out to do something. If Cody is home we try and take turns taking the girls out and about while the other parent stays home with Lincoln.

Lincoln is also cutting teeth *STILL*, I feel like teething has been a constant for the last 5-6 months. Teething makes him a bit fussy and wakes him up a lot at night. I've become besties with baby orejel, it seems to give him relief for a while. More on Linc in his 11 month update.

Carter! This girl is POTTY TRAINED!! Of course this started to take hold right as we were packing and moving out of the house in Kennewick. But the time just seemed right so we rolled with it. I'm totally team 'cold turkey', so when the last pack of diapers was gone I bought a pack of pull ups and didn't look back, just like we did with Reagan. 

Reagan is back to her good old self, it took her a couple weeks to transition to the move where she had some pretty disobedient behavior, which can be expected anyway at this age. But now we have our sweet loving patient girl back. 

We all talk about the "new house" everyday, the girls have big plans of "running and running and running" and also have their eyes on a big swing set. While Cody and I decipher between the 'need to do' and 'want to do' lists. I'm hoping to put together a post soon with some home improvement inspirations. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Eleven Months

Look at me! Posting your update ON TIME!! 

Another month has flown by! I can't believe you will be one next month! HOWWWWW did that happen? 

Such a good baby, I don't know how we got so lucky!

You love to eat, and drink about 3 bottles a day. You usually wake up about 4am for a quick bottle and then sleep for a few more hours.

You're still working on some teeth, you have six little pearly whites and you love to bite things, blankets and people. OUCH!!

You love playing with your Sisters, and they do such a good job taking care of their little Bud-Bud.

Still the army crawling champion. You love peek-a-boo, and are SO ticklish! 

You have really discovered your voice this month and talk talk talk.

You are so happy and such a fun babe. We love you so much Lincoln.

Next month you get CAKE!



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