Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Meet Rosie

Interwebs, meet Rosie:


The newest addition to the Austin Family.

She is a 7 week old English Mastiff / St. Bernard mix.

She has fit into our family pretty darn seamlessly. 

Her hobbies include:
Digging up my flowers
Playing in the sprinkler
Chewing on barbies
Waking me up at 3:30am to go potty
Chewing on the girl's shoes
Scavenging snacks Lincoln tosses from his highchair

We love her so much. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

House Tour :: Laundry Closet

Our first (& smallest) room has been complete!

The Laundry closet got a fresh coat of paint, a tile accent wall, and I quickly revamped the existing wire shelves with a can of copper spray paint.

I'm in love! 

Faux marble tile accent wall

The laundry closet is right off our kitchen and doesn't currently have a door so I wanted it to look like it belonged. I decided to give it a tile wall to match our will be back splash along the kitchen wall, I also spray painted the shelves copper to match the kitchen sink and accents.

This was my first experience laying tile, and it was awesome! I definitely learned some tricks that will come in handy when we tile our back splash in the kitchen later this Summer.

This makeover was quick and budget friendly: 

Paint // Sherwin Williams 'Passive' $28.98
Tile and supplies // $157.59
Spray Paint // Rust-Oleum in hammered copper $5.48

Total // $192.05

We will hopefully add a wood shelf that spans the width of the room under the window, this will help cover the outlet / drain situation and also give the tile a finished transition.

We also may or may not add a door to the opening, I'm flirting with the idea of a sliding barn door, but would hate to block the natural light coming from the window. So we'll see.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Zoo Trip with Uncle Riley & Auntie Sarah

A few months back Riley texted me and asked if he and Sarah could take the girls to the zoo when we were home for their wedding. Images of Carter darting away in a sea of children and Reagan pocketing small mammals flashed through my brain, but I agreed and slowly over the months came to terms with the idea. I'm so so so happy that the girls got to spend some very special time with Uncle Riley and his sweet wife Sarah.

This picture is apparently before CJ biffed it "on the rocks". When she came home with her 'just in case' pants on, my first thought was that she had had an accident. But upon further review she just had a wicked case of road rash on her knee. I also found two rouge band-aids in the bottom of the takealong bag, which Im sure they lovingly tried to apply to CJ's said knee only to be greeted with a 'I don't want that andddaid' tantrum...?? I never heard the full story, but I can't imagine it went any different.

CJ in this picture makes me want to cry, whyyyyyy does she look so old??????

And I LOVE this picture. When they all got home and I was flipping through the camera roll to see what their trip looked like, I LOL'd when this gem appeared. If this isn't the definition of "over it" than I don't know what is.

Go to the zoo, they said.
It'll be FUN, they said...

And the newbie babysitters got suckered into the gift shop. Sarah told me that CJ was walking around with three of those owls, and they had to break it to her that maybe just one was good enough for the day.

Such a special trip for the girls, and hopefully for Riley and Sarah. Since we don't get to see them nearly enough it meant a lot for them to take the time to have a little date. 

Reagan is still talking about it.

Thanks Uncle Riley and Aunt Sarah!!!
We love you!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Austin Home Movies

So after making that little photo reel for Lincoln's birthday I got a little hooked and have been playing around with more videos from little clips I take on my phone. I thought it might be fun to share them here. It's basically the video equivalent to the "photo dump" posts.

New House Update!

Since we got the keys to our new house we've been covered in primer, scratches and dirt. We have been BUSY!

The first thing Cody did was spray a coat of primer on all the bedroom walls and paint the ceilings. 

Then we ripped up carpet in all the bedrooms, we were really hoping to hit the jackpot in the hardwood lottery but the only hardwood to be found was the original plank flooring in the girls room and hallway leading to it. It would have needed a lot of TLC to be refinished so we made the decision to lay laminate throughout the whole upstairs.

The living room, dining room and laundry room walls also got primed.

Cody ripped out a portion of the kitchen cabinets, and also started tearing down the drywall to reveal the brick next to the oven. We found some really cool old wallpaper on the brick, and three different linoleum floor patterns under the cabinets.

Oh and our new fridge arrived! 

 Here are some before/during/current pictures::

(To do still: take down drop ceiling, strip paint on wood beam, new cabinets, back splash, paint)

It will be about two months before our cabinets are done and installed, but here is a sneak peak at what we have planned.

Lincoln's Room

(To do still: paint, trim, ceiling fan, hang curtains)

Girl's Room

 (To do still: paint, trim, lighting, hang curtains)

Master Bedroom

(To do still: paint, trim, ceiling fan, hang curtains)

Dining room

(To do still: SHIPLAP!!, trim, lighting, hang curtains)

Lower Bath

(To do still: paint)

Guest Room

(To do still: paint, trim, flooring, hang curtains)

Upper Bath

(To do still: paint)

Still lots to do, mostly painting. But we are so happy with the progress and can't wait to see it all come together, each day we get closer and closer to having it just the way we want it.