Sunday, August 7, 2016

Another Summer Storm

We've had quite a few storms this Summer, more than I would have imagined we would have. I wonder if it's like this every year??

After feeding the chickens this morning I came in and grabbed my camera to snap a couple pictures of the super cool clouds.

These clouds reminded me of stormy days at the beach.

The final countdown is on for these stinky birds. Color me pink, but I had NO IDEA that chickens smelled SO BAD. The layers and guineas don't smell nearly as bad, I guess since they eat less they poop less and thus stink less. But these meaties are eating, pooping, stinking machines. But so far raising our own meat chickens has been really rewarding, knowing exactly how they were raised, what they were fed and how they were treated has brought a lot of pride to myself, and I think even the girls are ''getting it".

The other day I decided to mow the paddock that the chickens are in, and jokingly said to the girls "hope the lawn mower doesn't give them a heart attack" and after explaining what a heart attack was and that it would kill them Reagan pops off with "then we can have chicken nuggets!!" Yes sweet girl, we can. 

I hear a lot of "I don't know how you do it all", well like this usually:

I've been so lucky that the kids have taken to "farm life", the girls are out of their minds happy here and have both really come into their element. Lincoln seems to be on the five year plan for walking, so he happily strolls around while we go about our chores. Whether it's weeding the garden beds or feeding the chickens if Lincoln is awake he can be found not far away chillin.

The plums are starting to turn purple! It's so exciting to watch the fruit ripen, and we will have a whole mess of plums if the bugs don't get to them first.

Our little pumpkin plant, hopefully we get one for Fall, I know Reagan sure is counting on it. 

Happy Sunday!

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