Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Farmhouse Kitchen Update

Our farmhouse kitchen remodel has been moving right along! In fact we have CABINETS!! Brand new beautiful cabinets. 

The corner cabinets were the first things to go when we got the keys to the house, so it's been a long time coming to have somewhere to stash our dishes and pans. 

Lets take a walk down memory lane, just for good measure.

Here it sits on move in. 
(And if you need to refresh your memory, HERE was our plan for the space.)

Here was the kitchen as of yesterday. GUTTED. 

Drum roll pleaseee..........


Okay, so now what's left. 
Gas line
A little trim work
Counter tops
Back splash
Is that it? I feel like there is so much more. The counter tops will be a big undertaking, and I'll be honest I'm a little nervous about it, but too late to turn back now. 

Have I shared our plans for the counter top? I don't remember if I have...? Well anyway, we are pouring concrete counter tops, white concrete counter tops to be exact. I found THIS tutorial almost a year ago, and I have been itching ever since for beautiful white concrete. Our shipment will be in next week, then it's on like donkey kong. I'll try to get lots of pictures during the process so I can share how it went.

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