Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Little glimpse of Fall

The girls took it upon themselves to find a bag on the barn floor and fill it with marigold seeds from the dried flowers. A little stash of their own for a garden next Spring.

The chickens are doing so good. I love seeing them run around the yard picking and scratching. They are currently loving all the fallen plums on the ground.

The girls have been playing so well together lately, I think having Reagan in preschool really helps balance out their friendship.

Reagan gets a drink...

Carter gets a drink...

Rosie gets a drink...!

We sure love our Rosie girl, she is so amazing with the kids. With the colder nights we moved Rosie inside to sleep at night and she has taken to the house dog life quickly. 

This little barn window makes me so happy. 

My favorite tree is starting to get some Fall color.

We are down to only 4 guineas. Two of the incredible dumb birds got on the outside of the corral fence and couldn't figure out how to get back to the coop, and overnight two went missing with a pile of feathers left behind. I think either a hawk or owl got them. I've grown to like these guys way more then I expected, next Spring I look forward to getting more little guinea chicks. Although we still have one female and three males, so it sure would be cool if they hatched their own.

Just for fun:
2 Months vs 5 Months :)

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