Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Photo Dump

Radio silence....

SORRRRY it's been such a long time since I've visited your screens. Life, ya know!?

Some quick updates:

On the Homestead, APPLES. We have apples coming out of our ears. I've canned lots of apple sauce, hopefully enough for the year. Made apple crisp and will make a couple apple pies for our upcoming trip to Bickleton. I was also able to sell a couple bags on CL, which makes me feel like an official farmer (huge winky face).  I'm also hoping I can sweet talk my girl Erica into making some apple wine and passing me a mason jar of it. 


Reagan started Pre-K TODAY! We had her back to school night last week and got to see her new school and meet her teacher. So excited for little Miss to be back in the school scene. It suits her.

Life in little pictures:


She's huge. Weighed in at 68 lbs at her 4 month vaccination appt.


Is developing quite the personality...Two is fun!

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