Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekend Farm Visit

The kids and I packed up and headed South for a weekend trip to the Gray Farm. As always it was fun, dirty and exhausting. But always so so so worth it.

I'm always so amazed with how beautiful my Nana and Papa's house is. Nana's decorating sense is on point, I hope that someday our house can feel as put together as hers.

My favorite childhood memories are speckled with these little birdhouses, whether building them, painting them, hanging them or counting them, the sight of them will always bring a smile to my face.

Carter is our designated animal lover. 

I forced Reaggy to go on the ATV with Papa, as her sad little face would tell you. She had a blast in-spite of her initial hesitation. 

Lincoln and Uncle Dan bonded over food, and Lincoln was in search of him for the rest of the weekend.

The Gray kids are an absolute life saver for entertaining all three of the kids.

Ready to head down to the canyon! We were on the quest to find some old coins that my great-grandfather and Papa had placed in rocks years ago when riding horses thru the canyon.

The coins had been wedged in the cracks of these boulders, we were able to find a few along with some old nails and unspent bullets.

After awhile in the hot sun we decided to hike down to the watering troughs to splash around.

Funny how the three littlest kids were the bravest to jump in. Jordan wasn't so sure about it, I don't blame him :)

Where there are boys, there is rock carrying.

Another weekend well spent. 
We are so lucky to have such a beautiful, giving and caring family.


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