Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The "still a work in progress" Kitchen {UPDATE}

Oh the kitchen! 
Our biggest undertaking for the house, but also the most rewarding. When we first saw the house we knew and agreed that if we ended up buying it, that the kitchen needed a total re-haul. & we did just that. We are so close to being DONE with it, all that's left is finishing the crown around the brick chimney, the tile work on the wall and covering that unsightly chimney flue hole that is currently stuffed with tin foil (super classy). 

When we took down the french doors that lead to the dining room, we discovered that there was another beam that we didn't know about, MAJOR SCORE. I've been working on striping the paint and wall paper off of it, still needs a little work. 

We moved the sink to the opposite side of the island, added a gas range and increased the overall size of the island. It was originally "L" shaped with room for only a few stools. When we poured the counter top we added an overhang along the whole backside to accommodate six stools (still to be purchased).

When I exposed the brick I found this gem of a wall paper and had to leave it intact. I have no clue how old it is, but love the fact that it was buried behind drywall for all these years.

When I designed the kitchen it was important that I added a little more functionality while giving it back some of the character I imagine it once had. 

Here is a before reminder with my "to-do's" ....


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