Monday, April 24, 2017

Easter hoppin'ings

 Easter 2017

Coloring eggs is my FAVORITE part of Easter! I am totally team #NoPlasticEggs

We were lucky enough to get a visit from Nana and Shawn for Easter weekend. As always it was filled with good food, and lots of laughs.

Egg Hunt

The girls managed to sneak away to see their very first movie in the theaters!! Such an exciting day, and honestly couldn't have been a better movie to break them in. 

It was so great, besides spilling the bucket of popcorn on the floor approximately 30 seconds after we sat down, and the fact that neither girl was heavy enough to keep the chairs from folding them in half...

On the drive home Reagan asked "next Spring can we go see another movie at the theater?" - so cute.
I promised her we would go see another one this Summer.

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