Monday, July 31, 2017

Edens Garden // OK for Kids // Essential Oil Review

Edens Garden
'OK for Kids' Essential Oil Line

Thank you to Edens Garden for sending us their OK for Kids line to review.

I've been dabbling with essential oils for over a year now, but I guess you could say things got serious when I bought my first diffuser about five months ago.  

Anyone curious or tempted to try oils, the first thing I will say is get a diffuser from the start. I have found that diffusing is the easiest way to inject happy into my house. 

I know there are a lot of essential oil brands out there, a simple search on the internet will result in websites and multi-level marketing companies a plenty. The trick, and almost the scariest part, is making sure you are buying a safe product. I love being able to apply essential oils to my and my children's skin, breath them in and send them flying into the air in tiny water droplets. In order to do that confidently they need to be pure, high quality oils. 

I was recommended to  Edens Garden a few months ago after complaining to a friend about the price of oils from some of the big well known companies. It can definitely be a tough decision to pull the trigger on the initial investment, but Edens Garden's prices won't blow your budget. Promise. 

So high quality oils, budget friendly pricing, what else? UM The company is amazing. Not only do they have a satisfaction guarantee but they donate 10% of all proceeds to several different organizations to help make a difference. Edens Garden also has a customer rewards program that lets you earn points each time you place an order.

I love the blends that Edens Garden offers, and best yet...they have a whole line of blends just for your kids and family. 

Our family favorites are:

A couple drops of the Sleepy Head blend in a spray bottlewith water and our bedtime routine has been transformed. I spritz a little bit on the pillow and sheets of all three kids and without fail the kids are fast asleep minutes after we finish our nightly reading. And don't tell anyone, but I diffusethe Sleepy Head blend in the evenings to help my brain shut down from the busyness of the day. We use this blend everyday.

The Ouch Ease Blend, this is a blend that sits on my counter non-stop. With three kids running around a farm, owies are a way of life. This blend smells so good, the kids love being able to have special owie oil to apply before a band-aid. (I love using Argan oil as my carrier oil of choice)

Nothing better than starting the day with this bright and happy blend, I have a feeling that as we roll into the school year we will have this blend on speed dial. Between morning diffusing, a spritz in the car as we roll down the driveway or even mixed in with our lotion during our (most likely rushed) get ready routine.

Okay, I will admit that I use this more than the kids, but Summer time is hard on this ole gal. Between weeding gardens, schlepping water around and chasing kids - by the end of the night I hurt. So mixing Aches and Pains in with lotion and giving myself a well deserved foot rub/calf massage is required. 

Okay this is hands down a shout out to my middle child...from time to time *cough, daily, cough* my smart beautiful Carter can get in a bit of a huff, and Calm 'Em Down is the quickest way to impart a little peace into the house. A drop in lotion with a quick shoulder rub will melt any threenagers troubles away.

I am so excited to try out both of these recipes: Healthy Hero Hand Soap & Germ Ease Hand Wipes, especially as the cool Fall weather sets in and the inevitable cold and flu season ramps up. 

I'll be sure to share different uses and recipes we love as we get more acquainted with the 'OK for Kids' essential oil line from Edens Garden . The kids blends are outstanding, the company is a truly stand up business, I can't wait to expand my oil collection with lots more blends from Edens Garden

I would love to hear your favorite essential oil uses!

I received the OK for kids line for free in return for my honest feedback.
Post contains referral and affiliate links, thanks for your support. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Summer Snapshots

Reagan Grace: 

freshly five, little nurturer, excited for kindergarten, rides her bike back and forth all day long.

Carter J:

three and a half, feisty as ever, forever hungry, also rides her bike (usually straight into a bush/tree/child) 

Lincoln Gray:

two and some change, trying to keep up, lover of chickens / kitties / puppers, wants so badly to be a big kid

Bear lake // Sunday Funday

This morning started out like most others, but took a turn towards adventure when we were poking around the barn and Reagan said "I wish we could go fishing..." as she was peering at the fishing gear.

So I said, "lets go!"

And just like that we were changed and packed up, heading down the road within 10 minutes.

After our extensive fishing, we headed over to the swim beach and hung out in the water for a bit.

The girls have become quite the little water dogs this summer. Lincoln however is not, he much preferred to either be clung to me in the water or sunbathing on the grass.

We managed a couple yard sales stops on the way home, and a quick drive through Micky D's because groceries don't shop for themselves... and we were all so super hungry.

The rest of the afternoon was spent making mud pies, with a shower for us all following close behind.

Monday, July 10, 2017

DIY // WHITE Concrete Countertops

A few years back, I fell in love with white concrete counter tops that I had seen on a home improvement blog. I thought it would be a timeless modern touch in our updated farmhouse kitchen. I did my research and found this company, they make a whole line of products for do it yourself'ers like me. From the forms, to the z clips, and the concrete they sell it all to make your home project doable. 

It's now been ten months since we poured the counter tops, want to know if I'd do it again? I'll let you read through the details first before I answer your question...

The prep work for this "DIY" project was no joke. It took a solid two days to prep for the concrete to be poured. Keep in mind that neither of us had experience in concrete work (*red flag number one*), but we managed the time consuming process to prep the cabinets.

I ordered almost everything we needed from Concrete Countertop Solutions, the only thing we bought at our local hardware store was the plastic protective sheeting and the concrete board.

After cutting the concrete board to the correct dimensions and screwing them into the cabinets, we placed the special Z clips for the fiberglass mesh reinforcement to be held up by. 

The Z clips hold the mesh at the proper height in the concrete to provide the strength it needs to last over the years. 

The sink situation was a little more tricky....okay a lot. It was a lot more tricky, and took far too many hours for us to figure our way around it.

Concrete countertop solutions sells sink forms to assist in the poring process, unfortunately the sink kits are not for farmhouse/apron front sinks (*red flag number two*). They are only for either drop in or under mount sinks. 

But through trial and error we devised this to keep the concrete from entering my precious copper sink.

And yes, the copper sink is completely concreted lets hope the next homeowner doesn't ever want to change the sink. Because they will have to jackhammer it out.

The actual act of pouring the concrete was easy, the smoothing of the concrete was not so much. In fact anyone who has seen them in person will verify that the surface turned out...."rustic". Again, no concrete experience....

After the counter tops had cured for the appropriate amount of time, we sanded them down and coated them with an epoxy sealant to protect the fresh white surface from damage and stains.

So would I do it all over again if I could?

YES and NO. I would have hired a concrete company to do the actual pouring and treatment of the concrete itself. Buy the material, do the prep and hire out the skill required portion. Let me be clear in saying this exact concrete is in no way like the self leveling stuff that most of us are used to. It takes skill knowledge and practice in order to smooth this type of concrete and get it perfect. I watched the company's tutorial videos a dozen or so times, each time thinking oh it looks so easy. It wasn't that easy, those men are very skilled at their trade. 

With that being said, I do like my counter tops, they are different and pretty and I've learned to love the "rustic-ness" of them.

You can check out the whole kitchen update here

concrete countertops

House Tour // Patio

patio furniture

 Patio Update

I am so huge on outdoor space, a couple years ago I had such a good time re-doing our porch in Kennewick. SO here is the new porch at the #bigbluebarn!!

*Some links lead to affiliate sites*

I have a perfectly shaded back patio that recently needed a little love. When we moved from Kennewick in order to save storage costs we sold all our patio furniture and planned on buying a new set that fit the space better. Fast forward to a year later and I still had yet to get a new patio set. Mostly because there was snow up to your knees for the majority of the year, and also because there is always something "better" to spend money on...

I scrolled through page after page of search results and finally decided on getting two smaller sets and combining them to create a conversation set that would be perfect.

I'm so glad I decided on this rug to anchor it all together. It's made of recycled plastic straws which makes it easy to clean and durable for outdoors, but it's not abrasive or scratchy at all so our summertime toes have no issues walking on it. I have my eyes on buying a second one to put on the upper deck, where I would love to have some chaise lounge chairs to sit and drink coffee in the morning and read.

A few pots of bright flowers and now the space is a place we can hangout and relax in all summer.

As you can see, it's fun for the whole family ;)