Sunday, July 16, 2017

Bear lake // Sunday Funday

This morning started out like most others, but took a turn towards adventure when we were poking around the barn and Reagan said "I wish we could go fishing..." as she was peering at the fishing gear.

So I said, "lets go!"

And just like that we were changed and packed up, heading down the road within 10 minutes.

After our extensive fishing, we headed over to the swim beach and hung out in the water for a bit.

The girls have become quite the little water dogs this summer. Lincoln however is not, he much preferred to either be clung to me in the water or sunbathing on the grass.

We managed a couple yard sales stops on the way home, and a quick drive through Micky D's because groceries don't shop for themselves... and we were all so super hungry.

The rest of the afternoon was spent making mud pies, with a shower for us all following close behind.

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