Monday, July 10, 2017

DIY // WHITE Concrete Countertops

A few years back, I fell in love with white concrete counter tops that I had seen on a home improvement blog. I thought it would be a timeless modern touch in our updated farmhouse kitchen. I did my research and found this company, they make a whole line of products for do it yourself'ers like me. From the forms, to the z clips, and the concrete they sell it all to make your home project doable. 

It's now been ten months since we poured the counter tops, want to know if I'd do it again? I'll let you read through the details first before I answer your question...

The prep work for this "DIY" project was no joke. It took a solid two days to prep for the concrete to be poured. Keep in mind that neither of us had experience in concrete work (*red flag number one*), but we managed the time consuming process to prep the cabinets.

I ordered almost everything we needed from Concrete Countertop Solutions, the only thing we bought at our local hardware store was the plastic protective sheeting and the concrete board.

After cutting the concrete board to the correct dimensions and screwing them into the cabinets, we placed the special Z clips for the fiberglass mesh reinforcement to be held up by. 

The Z clips hold the mesh at the proper height in the concrete to provide the strength it needs to last over the years. 

The sink situation was a little more tricky....okay a lot. It was a lot more tricky, and took far too many hours for us to figure our way around it.

Concrete countertop solutions sells sink forms to assist in the poring process, unfortunately the sink kits are not for farmhouse/apron front sinks (*red flag number two*). They are only for either drop in or under mount sinks. 

But through trial and error we devised this to keep the concrete from entering my precious copper sink.

And yes, the copper sink is completely concreted lets hope the next homeowner doesn't ever want to change the sink. Because they will have to jackhammer it out.

The actual act of pouring the concrete was easy, the smoothing of the concrete was not so much. In fact anyone who has seen them in person will verify that the surface turned out...."rustic". Again, no concrete experience....

After the counter tops had cured for the appropriate amount of time, we sanded them down and coated them with an epoxy sealant to protect the fresh white surface from damage and stains.

So would I do it all over again if I could?

YES and NO. I would have hired a concrete company to do the actual pouring and treatment of the concrete itself. Buy the material, do the prep and hire out the skill required portion. Let me be clear in saying this exact concrete is in no way like the self leveling stuff that most of us are used to. It takes skill knowledge and practice in order to smooth this type of concrete and get it perfect. I watched the company's tutorial videos a dozen or so times, each time thinking oh it looks so easy. It wasn't that easy, those men are very skilled at their trade. 

With that being said, I do like my counter tops, they are different and pretty and I've learned to love the "rustic-ness" of them.

You can check out the whole kitchen update here

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