Monday, July 10, 2017

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 Patio Update

I am so huge on outdoor space, a couple years ago I had such a good time re-doing our porch in Kennewick. SO here is the new porch at the #bigbluebarn!!

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I have a perfectly shaded back patio that recently needed a little love. When we moved from Kennewick in order to save storage costs we sold all our patio furniture and planned on buying a new set that fit the space better. Fast forward to a year later and I still had yet to get a new patio set. Mostly because there was snow up to your knees for the majority of the year, and also because there is always something "better" to spend money on...

I scrolled through page after page of search results and finally decided on getting two smaller sets and combining them to create a conversation set that would be perfect.

I'm so glad I decided on this rug to anchor it all together. It's made of recycled plastic straws which makes it easy to clean and durable for outdoors, but it's not abrasive or scratchy at all so our summertime toes have no issues walking on it. I have my eyes on buying a second one to put on the upper deck, where I would love to have some chaise lounge chairs to sit and drink coffee in the morning and read.

A few pots of bright flowers and now the space is a place we can hangout and relax in all summer.

As you can see, it's fun for the whole family ;) 

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