Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Camping 2017

So I summoned enough courage to pack up the kids and the gear and the wine... ;) and head to a local campground. 

We didn't get take the time last Summer to go camping, so it was on my have to do list before school starts. 

The girls were SO EXCITED! Lincoln of course didn't know what the heck was going on, but he rolled with it...as usual.

These little 'Junior Ranger' vests were a special gift from Nana & Papa, and they are so precious. I love how much the kids love them.

After getting the camp site set up we went off on a little adventure, where Reagan mastered her compass skills.

We feasted on cheeseburgers...

And since the burn ban put a kibosh on the s'mores, I packed some cookies for a treat.

Snug as four bugs in a rug...

Yep, that's Lincoln sleeping on the ground...

Camping breakfasts are always the best! Pancakes and Oj with lots of extra strong coffee...

It was a blast, the kids came home dirty and tired with just a handful of mosquito bites, so I consider it a success!
See ya next Summer camping...

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