Monday, September 25, 2017

A Clean House Deserves a Few Snaps...

...that's all...

Sister Pics

A few weeks back when I took Reagan's Kindergarten pics I had Carter jump in for a few, more like she insisted via tantrum, but you get the message.

I meant to post them sooner but of course, time slips away...

big blue barn

My little blonde beauty has enough personality for all three kids combined...

She definitely knows how to make us smile as well as want to pull out all our hair...sometimes simultaneously.

A BIG fluffy chicken post

We all know my poor chickens didn't make it through last Winter. So starting March I had a fresh batch of laying hens. 

I ordered 15 assorted breed hens, one of which turned out to be a rooster.

And due to normal loss and a few incidents with Rosie, I am down to 11 laying hens and good ole Mr Rooster.

I started getting eggs about a month ago, cue my happy dance! And now get between 6-9 eggs a day.

I'm hoping we can keep Mr Roo around and have Spring chicks next year! sure would beat ordering them and paying out the years in shipping costs. 

I also currently have meat birds that will be ready for butcher in another month or so. I lost a handful of them as well, unfortunately. But it will be nice to get them in the freezer for the Winter, and start again next Spring.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A BIG leafy garden post

I had big garden plans for this year! I wanted a huge garden with rows and rows of vegetables that I could freeze and can and preserve for the year. 

My dreams half way came true...


It started with picking out a place to start the garden, I wanted it close to the open top well so that I could do some sort of drip line watering system....

The watering system turned out to be me schlepping around hoses all Summer. Hopefully next year I can arrange and implement a drip line system utilizing the open top well.

I fenced off a good size plot, using material that I had here on the property. 


Then I spent the next couple months rototilling...I think I tilled up the area a total of 4 or 5 times over the Spring. And I'll probably do it a couple more times this Fall.

I started lots of seeds indoors, most of which didn't make it out in the garden.

What did make it was:

Pumpkins....a plenty...

fall decor

porch decor

Spaghetti squash

Gypsy peppers

Jalapeno peppers

Big red tomatoes

little red tomatoes

Big yellow tomatoes

little yellow tomatoes

Zucchini...and zucchini and ...zucchini...



Along with our faithful raspberry bushes, handful by handful...

I had a great time in the garden this year, lots of veggies consumed and weeds pulled. I am ready to put it to bed for the season, but am excited for next year!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Reagan's First day of Kindergarten

Today, I'm sending a piece of my heart and soul into the world...

My brain knows she will soar.

But my heart, my heart says "what if she speaks, and no one listens..." "what if she needs help, and the teacher is busy..." "what if she can't get the straw in her juice pouch..."
These are the helicopter mom questions making the tears roll down my face. 

Reagan Grace,

You are so sweet, unimaginably sweet. Thoughtful, generous, kind and grateful. 

You are silly and funny, smart and brave.

I'm going to miss you around the house, you are such an amazing helper. You help me with Lincoln and CJ, with the laundry, sweeping, and putting the shoes on the rack. 

We spend the day singing songs, making up the words when we don't know the real ones. Dancing in the living room and running around the kitchen island. 

Riding bikes and watering the garden, feeding chickens and checking the mail...

One thing is for sure. Your teacher got lucky when she got you in her class. 

You my sweet babe, are amazing.

Reaggy Roo, I love you.